How to open MOBI files in Kindle for Android


When it comes e-books Amazon has the biggest collection of e-books on the Web, also thanks to Amazon Kindle app we can open e-books on other Android devices. Amazon Kindle app allows you to open all the type of documents, you can view PDF (.pdf) and MOBI (.mobi) files not only AZW (.azw). To open a PDF file in Amazon Kindle app all you have to do is tap on the file and select Amazon Kindle app. But when it comes to open a MOBI (.mobi) files most of the time you’ll get a error message, when you directly open it from your file manager.

In the following guide I’ll tell you how to open MOBI files in Kindle for Android, there is no rocket science to open MOBI files in kindle. Just follow the given instruction and you are all good to go.


How to open MOBI files in Kindle for Android:

Step #1: Open file manager on your Android device, if you don’t have a file explorer you can always install a third-party file explorer from Google play.

Step #2: In your File manager, locate your MOBI file (it has a filename extension of .mobi).

Step #3: Copy MOBI file and go back, search for Kindle folder and paste the copied file there.

Step# 4: Once you’ve copied the file in Kindle folder, close your file manager.

Step #5: Open you kindle app and you’ll see the file you have copied in kindle folder is added in your carousel. If you still didn’t see your file, just go to your Kindle app menu and tap on Sync.

After trying all these step, still there is no success then you can use alternate app to open MOBI files in Kindle for Android. I’ll update the post with alternative apps for Android to open MOBI files.

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