How To Enable WiFi Tethering On Sprint Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are Samsung’s most powerful and most beautiful flagship devices so far. Both these devices may be Samsung’s very first devices to have a premium build and design. Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge come under a hefty price tag, but you can get any of these devices on-contract from any carrier like At&t, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile or any other.

Carriers allow you to own an expensive device on-contract by paying a very little amount initially, but you’ve to face some limits as well. These are the days of internet, and LTE, 4G and 3G are almost used by everyone, that’s why carriers provide unlimited or heavy data buckets. But carriers do not allow you to use your device’s data plan on any other device. This may kill one of the main utilities of a smartphone like S6 or S6 Edge. Owning a carrier branded device won’t let you use WiFi Tethering, so you will be restricted to use all of your data plan on your smartphone only. Even if some emergency arrives and you got to use your smartphone’s internet on any other smartphone or computer, you won’t be able to make your device act as a WiFi hotspot due to this restriction set by carriers. At times, you’re not able to finish the complete bucket while you’ve paid for it, the best way to consume it to use the internet on a computer by making your smartphone act as a WiFi router.samsung_galaxy_s6_s6_edge

This may disappoint some users, but there’s a good news for Sprint Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge owners. By making a small tweak, they can easily enable WiFi Tethering/Hotspot on their smartphone. Wondering how? Well, you will learn it in the following guide. Let’s go ahead now and learn how you can enable WiFi Tethering / Hotspot on your Sprint Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge and rip this limit off.

How To Enable WiFi Tethering On Sprint Galaxy S6, S6 Edge – No Root

Step#1: First of all, you need to acquire your MSL code. You can get this code by calling sprint customer support and ask them to give you your MSL code giving an excuse of slow internet connectivity. You can also use MSL Utility application to get this code.

Step#1: Now open dialer on your Sprint Galaxy S6, S6 Edge.

Step#2: Dial this code: ##3282# (##Data#)

Step#3: You will come across some configuration. Change the APN type of APNEHRPD internetand APN2LTE internet from default,mms to default mms,dun.

Step#4: Once done, reboot your device.

Step#5: Now open settings > connections > you will now see Tethering and Mobile hotspot here. Use this option to make your Android smartphone a WiFi hotspot.

That’s all.

Let us know if this method worked for your Sprint Note 4 and Note Edge or not.

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