Hackers are sending Malware with Windows 10 Upgrade


With the release of very new Windows 10, arrived a scam malware which holding people by their nerves. According to Nick Biasini, Cisco security researcher, the ransom-ware uses Windows 10 as a gateway – to get people to install to it.


Some people have been trying to get their hands off the Microsoft’s system. The fact that people need to join a virtual line, just in order to install Windows 10, attackers have managed to use it in their favor. In one of the cases, the open malware attack was done by sending email to people that was shown as an email sent by Microsoft. That email tells people of an iteration of the desktop OS where they will not have to use the virtual line to get Windows 10. Once the users download and run the attached file, they receive a message stating that their data has been encrypted and the only way to get it back is by paying a certain ransom.


The users need to stay cautious against such attacks and protect their data by simply deleting any such kind of email they receive. Also, be cautious about downloading and running any kind of executable files attached within the email even if they claimed by Microsoft in any of the cases.

(Source: Cisco | Via: ZDNet)

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