Google renames ‘Messenger’ to ‘Android Messages’


If we have one word to say about Google’s messaging app’s they are a ‘mess’. Google to date has developed so many messaging apps that it becomes a little difficult to keep track of them all. We have Allo, Duo, Hangouts and Messenger to name a few. Now Google in a bid to streamline their apps, has changed the name of its app ‘Messenger’ to ‘Android Messages‘. No reason for proposed changes have been given by Google.

If we guess the reasons then one of them would probably be that the name of their app ‘Messenger’ is the same as ‘Facebook Messenger‘. So, to create differentiation they have changed the name. No other changes have been made to the app apart from the name.

Another reason for this name change is that Google wants to push an Android app that rivals what Apple has in the for of iMessages. So, for that purpose they have taken different partners on board who will have Android Messages as the default messaging app on their smartphones.

This change is all about RCS (Rich Communication Services). RCS is a next generation messaging standard that offers multimedia messages and other features which are found in WhatsApp or iMessage.