Download Google Lens APK

Google Lens, which was once a pixel-bound feature, is now available for everyone. Google has rolled out the Google Lens as a standalone application. Android phone users can grab the Google Lens to start using it right away. The Google Lens is an incredible tool which makes your life a lot easier.

Google Lens works in collaboration with Google Photos. In order for Google Lens to work, you must have the latest version of Google Photos installed on your phone. The Google Lens will appear on its own if you previously had the latest Google Photos. Just in case the lens icon does not appear in your Google Photos app, you can manually install the Google Lens.

Manually installing the Google Lens is extremely easy. You just have to install the Google Lens APK on the phone. The Lens icon then appears in the Google Photos giving you the options. Here is what Google Lens can do.

  • Text: Google Lens can detect phone numbers, addresses, dates, website URLs and email addresses in a picture. Users can load a photo in the Google Lens. The Google Lens detects all the possible instances of texts. The users can then either copy the text or take an action for that text.
  • Places: For example, you want to find out the name of a place in a picture. You will simply load that picture in Google Lens. Google Lens will then find the place and show you its name. You don’t have to ask your friends about the places they visit anymore. Just grab their picture and find the location in Google Lens.
  • Artwork: Do you love history? This feature is for history and art lovers. While moving in a museum or any other historical place, just show the pictures to Google Lens. It will bring all the available information regarding that object right in front of your phone.
  • Media: Google Lens is capable of finding books, music, videos and everything else that can entertain you.

Note: Google Lens does not recognize people.

To use Google Lens, simply head over to the Google Play Store. Download and install the latest version of Google Photos. Open Google Photos, and select a picture. Tap the small lens icon appearing at the bottom. Google Lens will detect all the elements in a picture in order to show you possible actions. If the lens icon is not appearing in the Photos, download the Google Lens APK from below and install it manually.

Download Google Lens APK

  1. Google Lens APKDownload
  2. On your phone, go to Settings > Security or Lock Screen & Security > Unknown Sources > Tap radio button to allow.
  3. Now using a file manager, find Google Lens and tap it to start the installation.
  4. Complete the installation now and open Google Photos afterward.
  5. Select a picture in Photos and find the lens icon at the bottom. That’s all.
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