Get Google Photos Unlimited Storage on your Android Device


Google Pixel lineup may not be the very first choice for the users when it comes to hardware, but when it comes to Android, nothing beats a Pixel smartphone. The Google Pixel smartphones have some exclusive features. The most useful feature on the Google Pixel is the unlimited Google Photos storage. It doesn’t matter how much space you have in your Google Drive account, Google Photos isn’t going to bother that. Basically, Google Photos detects your phone, if your phone turns out to be a Pixel, it greets you with a message telling you that you are eligible for unlimited Photos storage.

This is a great feature by all the means. You do not have to worry about the storage on your phone. You do not have to worry about backing up your photos. You do not have to worry about transferring your photos from one device to another. Everything is going to be done by Google Photos itself. This unlimited storage feature of the Google Photos is available for the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and the Android One edition of the Moto X4. No other phone has got this feature so far. This is certainly a feature that almost every Android enthusiast would want to get on their phone, and why not? Afterall it’s Android.

An XDA member emime12 has successfully ported this exclusive feature of Pixel phones for all other Android smartphones. Yes, you heard it right. You can get Google Photos unlimited storage on any Android smartphone now. It doesn’t matter what phone you are using and what firmware you are using. All you have to do is to apply a little tweak and break the boundaries. This requires root access. It isn’t possible without root. This also requires you to edit a few files in your phone. The method is easy. You just need to follow the guide properly. Leave the rest to us now. Follow the tutorial given below and get Google Photos unlimited storage on your Android device.

Get Google Photos Unlimited Storage on your Android Device

  1. Download the Nexus.xml file and copy it to your phone.
  2. Download MiXplorer root file explorer and install it on your phone.
  3. Now open the MiXplorer root explorer, copy the Nexus.xml file and paste it in /system/etc/sysconfig directory.
  4. Long tap the Nexus.xml file and change its permission to 644 (rw-r-r).
  5. Restart your phone now.
  6. On your phone, go to Settings > Application Settings or Application Manager > Google Photos > Wipe the App Data and Cache.
  7. Open Google Photos now and it should greet you with a message that you are now eligible for using unlimited storage on the Google Photos. This is because Google Photos is now thinking that you are using a Pixel smartphone. This will also unlock some new wallpapers for you in the Google Pixel Wallpaper application.

If the above tutorial doesn’t work for your phone, you will have to edit the build.prop for your phone and set the following lines as given below.

  • ro.product.model=Pixel 2 XL

  • ro.product.brand=Google

  • ro.product.manufacturer=Google

  • ro.opa.eligible_device=true

That’s all. Let us know if this method worked for you or not.