Force Close Android Apps Error Fixed!

One of the most irritating error in any of the Android device, force closing of any app, especially when you need it the most and it mostly happens with the stock apps, the basic ones. For example, you are trying to open the Browser app for a quick search for anything and what you get in the return is the force closing of app. However, this is a problem with the OS itself, and any problem with Software can be solved with ease and in matter of minutes, although there are times, when you have to pay a little more than usual to solve such errors, maybe a factory reset or even worse.

The are Two methods to solve this error, both are easy but cost a little more than usual, but if the problem is with any 3rd party apps, do visit the Settings > Apps > App name > Clear Data, and then give it a try. However, if the problem is with Stock apps only, then proceed ahead and find out how to Fix Fore Close Android Apps Error.

Force Close Android Apps Error Fixed!

Method 1:

  1. If you have any External SDcard, remove it.
  2. Then Navigate to Settings.
  3. Navigate to Back-up & Reset.
  4. Scroll Down and see the Factory Reset button
  5. Tap it and Confirm the Process
  6. Doing so you’ll erase everything, including data, Cache etc.
  7. This Process, most of the times works

Method 2:

  1. If the above process won’t work for you, then this process will work for sure.
  2. Flash a Custom Recovery on your device.
  3. Once flashed, Boot into Recovery mode.
  4. Tap on Wipe Cache and do it.
  5. Tap on Factory Reset and do it.
  6. Doing so will only Erase the Cache and Refresh the Firmware, all the user data will be saved.

Method 3:

If none of the above method works, Re-Flash the stock or any Custom Firmware, that for sure will solve this problem

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