Fix Netflix Error “There is a problem playing the video(5.2)”


Netflix is undoubtedly the best subscription-based movie streaming service. Users can browse through the Netflix website to watch movies and TV shows. Netflix has its application for Android and iOS. It runs on a number of media players too. Android Netflix users often come across an annoying error. This error states “There is a problem playing the video (5.2)”. Once this error pops up, whatever you are trying to play doesn’t work, and you end up cursing the Netflix service or your Android phone. This guide will help you to fix Netflix error “There is a problem playing the video (5.2)” on Android.

Netflix Android
Netflix Android

There is a problem playing the video (5.2) – How to fix

There are various solutions that can fix “There is a problem playing the video (5.2) on an Android device. You have to apply the following solutions one by one to find the one that works for you.

Restart your Android Phone

The very first thing is to try restarting your phone. This solution is recommended by Netflix itself. If you haven’t restarted your phone in a while, it’s time to do it now. After restarting your phone, run the Netflix application again and try playing a video.

Log out of Netflix App and log in again

The second solution is to log out of the Netflix app and log in again. Open the Netflix application on your Android phone. Go to the options and log out of Netflix. After logging out, Restart your Android phone and then log into the Netflix application again. Play a video and see if the error is gone or not.

Clear the Cache and Data of Netflix App

On your Android phone, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications or Application Manager > See all Apps > Netflix > Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data. After this, Restart your phone. Now open the Netflix application, it will ask you to log in again. Enter your login details and play a video. There is a problem playing the video (5.2) error should be gone after applying this solution in case the previous solutions did not work.

Clear the Cache of your Android phone

Power down your Android phone completely. Now press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button, or the Volume Up + Bixby + Power button to boot into the recovery mode on your phone. In the recovery, select
the Wipe Cache option and then wipe the cache of your phone. Restart your phone and then launch Netflix app. It should work this time.

Check if there is an update for Netflix available

Another solution is to check whether there is an updated version of Netflix available or not. At times, there is a new version of an app available and the existing version starts popping up errors. Open Google Play Store and see if Netflix has an update available. Update Netflix and launch it again. The videos should play through this time.

Check your internet connection

You also need to check whether your internet connection is working fine or not. You may check your WiFi router or your Mobile Data Bucket. Make sure your internet is working fine. Weak internet connection can also bring this error up on your phone.

Uninstall and reinstall Netflix

If all of the solutions given above fail to work, simply uinstall the Netflix app. Restart your Android phone. Now go to the Google Play Store and install Netflix again. Enter your login details and play any video. The video should play this time.

Wrap up

That’s all with the Netflix error “There is a problem playing the video (5.2)”. If you are unable to apply any solution given above, feel free to contact us through the comments section below. Let us know which solution worked for you. We will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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