How to enable or disable Call Forwarding on Galaxy S10/S10+


Call Forwarding is a standard feature for pretty much every telecom company in the world. The main purpose of call forwarding is to divert the calls to carrier’s service when you are unreachable, busy in another call, not answering the call or just set the divert for every call. In this article, learn how to enable or disable call forwarding on Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. Same settings and method apply to Galaxy S10e and other One UI phones by Samsung as well.

Samsung’s latest flagship is currently one of the hottest devices in the market. It offers some of the best hardware options in each department. The most outstanding feature of Galaxy S10 and S10+ is under-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. With the trend of bezel-less phones going crazy, it was inevitable that normal capacitive fingerprint scanners are replaced by in-screen scanners. However, it is not yet at the level of reliability as older tech.

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By all means, Galaxy S10 and S10+ are modern and by far ahead of its competition. It has got the best design, there’s no notch (Wink wink!), fastest hardware, one of the best camera setup and without a doubt, the best screen in any mobile phone. When setting up a newly bought device, there are a lot of settings that may be in different place compared to other devices. One of these is Call Forwarding in Galaxy S10/S10+. It may be active by default in few phones and it could cause some issues. S10 or S10+ may not ring for more than 4 bell or 4 times. Or the calls may be forwarded when you’re busy on another call. The call waiting settings may override because of this.

How does Call Forwarding work?

Call divert or Call forwarding is a basic network feature. All networks provide their own settings for this. This feature is either used to divert calls from one number to another depending on a certain condition or just to send a popup to caller. 

If you set the call forwarding enabled and set the divert to secondary number, then whenever someone calls, and a condition is met (for example calls are set to divert or forward when it is busy or unreachable), the caller will automatically be redirected to second number. This is a cool feature when someone uses more than one SIM and would love not to miss any calls.

Some networks enable call forwarding without any secondary SIM involved. In this case, the caller’s call is cut after 3, 4 or 5 bells / beeps. Normally, the call goes on for more than 9 beeps. In this case, the caller may get a popup for sending a quick message to recipient or call is just cut anyway. 

In any of these cases, the user may or may not have activated this service. In this guide, we are going through the process of either enabling or disabling call forwarding or call diverts on Galaxy S10, Galaxy 10+, Galaxy S10e and every other Samsung phone with Android 9.0+ Pie and One UI.

How to enable or disable Call Forwarding on Galaxy S10 or S10+ / Call Diverts

Note that the following method is for Samsung Galaxy S10 series. Moreover, use this same method for any Samsung phone with Android Pie 9.0+ and One UI interface. 

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Follow these steps to disable or enable call forwarding on Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus or Galaxy S10e. This method applies to all Galaxy devices with One UI on Android Pie 9.0 and later.

  1. Open the Dialer app.

    Either access the dialer app from homescreen (if added) or app drawer. Only use the Samsung’s official dialer app for this to work.

  2. Tap on settings icon.

    In top right, there it is a three-dot button for settings. Tap on it to access Call Settings.

  3. Tap on Supplementary Services.

    This particular tab contains all the settings that we are looking for.enable or disable call forwarding galaxy s10 s10+ 1

  4. Open “Call Forwarding” tab from here.

    You may see the options for Call barring, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding here. Only open the Call Forwarding tab from here.enable or disable call forwarding galaxy s10 s10+ 2

  5. Disable or Enable Call Forwarding in this tab for selection options.

    The four options here are for “Always Forward, When busy, Unanswered and Unreachable”. If your S10 or S10+ does not ring for more than 4 times, then disable “Forward when Unanswered” option. Rest of the options are pretty self-explanatory. enable or disable call forwarding galaxy s10 s10+ 3

  6. That’s it! Use the same steps to change these settings in future.

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  1. I frequently get an error when I click on Supplementary Services. I’ve tried everything I can think of…close everything, run device care, reboot phone to no avail

  2. Can’t a specific phone number or group of phone numbers be forwarded? I don’t want every call forwarded, just specific numbers.

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