Easily cool down a hot phone with Coolify [ How To ]

Every smartphone gets hot not matter what you are using Apple, Samsung, HTC, Xperia and Nexus. This is a big issue and yet there is no perfect solution for this. There are hundreds of methods on the web and most of the help us but not in an effective way. But after such a long time an app [ Coolify ] can help you to cool down a hot phone easily. In the following guide i’ll tell you how to use Coolify and what are the features.


Coolify basically works on Rooted Android devices, it helps when you are not using them or your devices are charging in an original and unique way. Coolify helps you by monitoring your device and give you tips to prevent your device form overheating.

How Coolify work?

  • First you need to root your device. [ You can check our root guides of different Android devices.]
  • Now Goto Google Play Store and install Coolify.
  • After installation is done open Coolify.


  • Tap on Turn on Normal Temp Protection.
  • Now wait for Coolify Cooling Engine installation gets complete.
  • Once done Coolify start its working. Done.!

Coolify will give you the unique experience:

1. Keep your device Normal temperature
2. One-Click Optimization;
3. Coolify is nearly transparent! Set and forget!
4. The simple user interface and without major uncomfortable impact on user experience;
5. Never need to deal with the complexity and risk;
6. Support Immersive mode

For more info : Google Play.

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