Fix Duplicate Songs Issue On Windows Phone 8/8.1


Windows Phone are getting huge attention now days because of their feature and affordable price. But many people find Windows phone a bit difficult to use, this is why they face issues. Recently i found out that many people are facing duplicate songs issue on their Windows phone. Following is the complete guide to Fix Duplicate Songs Issue On Windows Phone 8/8.1.

Duplicate Songs Issue On Windows-Phone-8

Basically what you face is you see a single song twice or three times in your music app. But when you open your music folder on device there is only one song. To fix this you have to follow few simple steps.

How To Fix Duplicate Songs Issue On Windows Phone 8/8.1:

  1. First of all turn off Xbox music cloud collection. To do this Start> Music + Videos > More > Settings > and then turn off Xbox Music Cloud Collection.
  2. Create a backup of your music collection.
  3. Delete all the music form device.
  4. Now backup all your device data and perform a factory reset. Settings > About > and then Reset Your Phone.
  5. Format your SD card by attaching it with your computer. Perform a quick format.
  6. After the formatting is done create a new folder ” Music ” on your sdcard and drag all the mp3 files into the folder.
  7. Insert back the SD card into your Windows Phone.
  8. Now open the music app wait few seconds for the library to get updated.

Do tell me in comments if you face any issue regarding this guide. !!

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