How To Install Dolby Digital Plus/Beats Sound Mod on Sony Xperia Z Series


Following are the instruction to install Dolby Digital Plus and Beats Sound Mod on Sony Xperia Z Series, if you are a music lover then you know the difference between normal and Dolby sound, not every Android or iOS device get this privilege to have both Dolby Digital Plus/Beats Sound Mod. Only Xperia Z series have these mods but not all the devices, today I will tell you how to install  Dolby Digital Plus/Beats Sound Mod on Sony Xperia Z Series. 



Dolby Digital and Beats sound mod [ Download ]

Fix for no speaker sound [ Download ]


  • First you have to download both files from the link given above.
  • Now transfer the both files into your phone storage.
  • Reboot your device into Recovery mode. [ To boot your device in to recovery mode press and hold volume down and power button ].
  • Once you are in recovery, click on install and select the mod zip file from the list.
  • To confirm the install the zip file tap on OK.
  • Wait for installation to complete, once installed reboot your system.
  • Once your device boots up, go to your app drawer and open SELinux Mod Changer App. Set the mod to Permissive.
  • In the end all you have to do is enable the Dolby Digital Sound Mod from Music Settings.

All Done !

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Credits: XDA


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