Delete All the Music in iOS 8 using iPad/iPhone

Sometime we all, without any thinking, fills the memory with unnecessary files and most of them are Music files, simply cause we fills all those songs too that we will never listen to at all. Because of these songs, not only we have difficulties in finding the one we want to hear, but also fills the precious storage, that we tend to empty time after time. Usually we neglect the Music Category when it comes to empty the space, however, it works like a charm. So anytime you want to free some space, do give a visit to the Music Player before erasing anything else.

In iOS 7, deleting all the Music was easy, now in iOS 8, it has been taken a step ahead. There is more than One Step to delete all the Music from your device, but the easiest way to delete is with one Kill Switch. The process is quite the same as iOS 7, so if you have tried it once there, you won’t feel any difficulty in iOS 8.

Delete All the Music in iOS 8 using iPadiPhone

Delete All the Music in iOS 8:

First Make Sure to Back-up all the Music to iCloud or any other Back-up Media.

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Open General.
  3. Navigate to Usage.
  4. Tap on Manage Storage
  5. Select Music.
  6. Tap Edit on the Top Right.
  7. Now Tap the Red – Along side the All Music
  8. The Delete button will appear.
  9. Tap Delete.
  10. That is it, All done

Restore all the Music in iOS 8:

  1. Now if you have Back-up your Music to iCloud, here is how you can get it back.
  2. Once Again, Open Settings.
  3. Navigate to Music
  4. Tap on Show all Music
  5. Now all the Music will be shown with a Tiny Cloud Icon with them
  6. Tap on them and they will be Downloaded.
  7. Download all of them and get all the Music back on your device
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