How To Fix Camera App and Lib for CM/All AOSP ROMs


Following are the instruction on how to Fix Camera App and Lib for CM/All AOSP ROMs. From last few weeks, I’ve seen many users reporting that they are facing camera crashing issue on their devices running on CM 11-12/All AOSP ROM.

We did some research and found some potential workarounds to fix Camera App and Lib issue. I’ve prepared a step by step guide. Follow all the instruction carefully.

Fix Camera App and Lib
Fix Camera App and Lib




1. Most causes of “Can’t Connect Camera” error are resolved, For me, no more can’t connect camera error whatever I do.
2. Included Snapshot while video recording.
3. Fixed: Video recording focus issues.
4. Fixed: Sometimes shutter gets disabled, no matter how hard we bash it.
5. Fixed: Sometimes Pictures comes blurry ever after correct focus.
6. Most of the front camera issues are fixed.
7. More those I did not remember.

Bugs :

  • Stock Camera app does not refocus after 1st shot in Continuous Picture Mode, Use any 3rd party app I mentioned previously for Continuous Picture Mode.
  • Set focus to Auto in default camera settings.
  • Snapshot while video recording only working nice till 480p size, in 720p and 1080p snapshots stops after few shots and camera becomes unstable.
  •  Face detection is broken.

How To Fix Camera App and Lib for CM/All AOSP Roms:

Step#1: Copy the downloaded files in your phone root directory, Turn off your device.

Step#2: Turn on your device while pressing Volume Up+Power+home button, to boot your device in recovery mode.

Step#3: Now Tap on the Install zip file.

Step#4: Use volume button to find the files you have downloaded in the first step.

Step#5: Go back to the main menu and Wipe cache and dalvik.

Step#6: Now al you have to do is Reboot your phone normally.

After flashing this mod, if still you are facing “Can’t connect camera” issue try the following Apk.


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