How to check Android phone for Project Treble support


Project Treble is Google’s effort to speed up the Android updates process. Earlier, the phone makers had to wait for months in order to roll out an update for a phone. That was because an update, after coming from Google, had to go through a long process of modifications and certifications from the hardware vendors and the carriers as well. The Project Treble separates the Android OS from the Hardware Abstraction Layers. The HALs now stick to their separate partition which allows the Android Framework to run independently. This means the phone makers do not have to wait for the HALs update anymore. They can roll out an Android update without the changes done by SoC makers and carriers.

Check Android phone for Project Treble support

The Project Treble was introduced with Android Oreo. Now the devices that run on Android Oreo by default, are required to support Project Treble. Some of the devices that were updated to Android Oreo from Android Nougat also support the Project Treble. Unfortunately, the phones like Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus still do not support Treble. Samsung updated the phones to Android Oreo but refrained from making them Treble-friendly.

So this means, if your phone was updated to Android Oreo from Nougat, it doesn’t necessarily support Treble. Now if you are not sure whether your phone supports Treble or not, you need this guide. Follow the steps given here to check the Android phone for Project Treble support.

Check Android phone for Project Treble support

  1. On your Android Oreo-powered phone, open the Google Play Store.
  2. Now in the Play Store, search for “Termux”
  3. Install Termux now.
  4. After installation, open the Termux application from the app drawer.
  5. Now in the Termux interface, enter the following command: getprop ro.treble.enabled
  6. Press the enter key on your phone after entering this command.
  7. If the command returns “True” this means your phone is Project Treble supported. If the result is otherwise, it would mean that it doesn’t have Treble support.

That’s it. That’s how easy it was to find your phone’s compatibility with Treble. If you have no idea about Project Treble, you can learn everything about it here. The Android Pie GSI is also available that can be flashed on any Project Treble device. Head over to our guide to Get Android Pie GSI on any Android phone [Project Treble].

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