Best Free Photo Editing Software 2016 [ PC ]


Here is the guide to Best Free Photo Editing Software 2016. While finding the Best Free Photo Editing Software we get tons of options on the internet. However, that does not lead us to exactly what we are looking for. Most of us, who are not professional photographers or artists, have to deal with complicated photo editing software. Also, if we do not avail all of the tools of editors like Photoshop, why are we supposed to them? That is why I have decided to introduce you to the Best Free Photo Editing Software that do not push users to pay for any tool and come with free registration. Also, these Best Free Photo Editing Software are packed with useful editing features and are quite easy to use as well.

So, let’s have a look at the Best Free Photo Editing Software 2016 that you can use for editing your photos without any help from the professionals.

Best Free Photo Editing Software 2016

Best Free Photo Editing Software 2016 [ PC ]:


GIMP is free of cost and is packed with unbelievably vast options to edit photos. The interface is much similar to Photoshop and although the developers have tried to make it easy to use, if you do not have some knowledge, you might get stuck between the menu and some of the editing tools. You will have to take your time to explore what each tool is supposed to do as the names can be confusing. But, once you get hold of all the tools, it is going to make your life really simple. Above all, GIMP comes with full layer support.

One editor that can side by side with GIMP is The software designed as a student project is now widely used as an alternative to Photoshop. Users get to use all the handy tools like Clone tool and magic wand as well as it comes with full layer support just like GIMP. You can also enjoy the following rich features;

  • Handle multiple images
  • Interface enhanced for Aero Glass (Windows 7)
  • Online Forum
  • Tutorials and Plugins
  • Special Effects including red eye removal, Photo Blur, Noise, Distortion tools and more.


PicMonkey is one of the easiest online photo editor you can find. Considering that it is totally free to use, it has a huge variety of editing tools and options. Basic editing tools include photo resizer that allows you to resize photos in different ratios and even for Facebook cover. Brightness, contrast and saturation can also be adjusted quite easily. Moving into the Filters and advanced editing features, you have a variety of impressive filters that are fully capable of turning your ordinary photo into a professional one. There are some effects that are premium and you need to purchase them. But, you are as good to go even without them.


You might have heard about Pixlr before; this software has many features similar to Photoshop, and GIMP including full layer support and you can merge different layers, move layers and add layer mask. Again, if you are not a pro for editing tools, you will need some time to figure out what each tool does. Simple filters are comparatively easier to work with. You can adjust contrast, brightness, saturation and posterize, solarize or desaturize image. There are a number of photo filters readily available as well and the program can be used in multiple languages.

Photoshop Express Editor:

You might mistake this one for the Adobe Photoshop. It is much less complicated than Photoshop and can be considered a demo version. However, it is not close to Photoshop. However, the simple user interface and menu allows users to quickly edit photos using basic editing tools like crop, rotate, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. You can also use adjustment tools as well as defining photo filters using Photoshop Express Editor.


Picasa is mostly used for organizing and managing photos. You can upload your photos and share them with your circle. However, one feature of Picasa makes different filters available for you to mask your photos with the right one to make it look better and lively. And once you are done editing, you can feel free to directly share the photo with your social circle.


Lastly, we have Microsoft paint which does not include any layer support or advanced filters. But if you want to crop, rotate, resize your photo or even adjust the brightness or contrast, the software will do that for you conveniently and free of cost.

This was the list of Best Free Photo Editing Software 2016 for your computer or laptop. They have tons of features and tools to edit photos, some also include the option to share photos on social media and some of them have good filters and full layer support. You can choose from any of these Free Photo Editing Software according to your requirement.