Wifi calling is a feature which help you to lower you monthly data plan, there are many VoIP providers like Skype, Viber, Line, WhatsApp and others. But today I’ll tell you how to setup WiFi calling on any Android device. In this tutorial I’ll tell you, how you can make and receive Google Voice calls using cellular data or WiFi. Good thing is that you don’t need any voice or SMS plan and one more good thing is that Android comes with a SIP client built into the Phone app. That means you don’t need to add to install any other hardware, now let’s start the guide on how to Setup WiFi calling on any Android device.

Setup WiFi calling on any Android device


Following are the instruction to enable SIP based calling on your Android device, also that means to setup WiFi calling on any Android device.

Setup a Google Voice account: First thing you need to do is setup a Google voice account, there are many areas which are unsupported by Google Voice. No need to worry use any proxy server.

Download and install Google Voice on your device: Now we need Google voice on your device in order to set-up forwarding for calls and SMS.

Download Sipdroid on your Android device: Open Google Play on your device and install SipDroid. Once installation is done open pbxes.org and setup your accont. Now launch Sipdroid and tap on “New PBX linked to my Google Voice “, Create you new account.

Price: Free

Login to Pbxes.org: Once your account is created, login into Pbxes.org using the login/pass you created in step 3. Tap on extensions->Sipdroid.

Setup your Phone app: Open phone app on your device, Tap on 3 dots->Settings->Internet call settings->SIP Accounts->Add a new account. Enter the details and click on Save the account.

  • Username: username-200.
  • Password: Pbxes.org ( account password ).
  • Server: pbxes.org
  • Check Set this primary account.

Turn on call receiving: In SIP Accounts menu find the option “Receive incoming calls”. If this option is available that means you have successfully configure your device with pbxes.org. IF not the go back and check the settings that you added in step 5.

Turn on Internet calling: Head back to Internet call settings, now setup your device to receive “Only for Interent calls”.

Setup Google Voice app: Open Google Voice app->settings->remove forwarding to your phone’s number otherwise your device will ring twice when ever your receive a international call.

All Done !

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