Set Wallpaper on Android without Cropping – How to Guide.

Learn how to Set Wallpaper on Android without Cropping using simple tricks


Android is an Awesome Platform for Several Tablets and Smartphones, it offers more features and Choices of devices to users. Most of the World OEMs are now using Android as their Primary Operating System. But Because of Different Screen Size, Android doesn’t offers Universal Wallpaper Size. Thus, if you have a Small Screen Resolution Smartphone, you won’t be able to Fit a Wallpaper with Bigger Resolution. So, while setting a Wallpaper for your Android device, you will experience a process, where you have to crop the photo, to a limit to set it as Wallpaper.


I, Myself have been teased by such cropping, and searched for its solution for a log a time, then finally found a solution, not a very good one but it still is better than cropping. Cropping for Wallpaper is a great feature but sometimes, you just don’t like it. Sometimes you want to set a Specific thing on your device as Wallpaper, then Cropping comes in handy, but when it comes set the Full Fledged wallpaper, then Cropping will almost kill you.

One of good solutions is to download wallpapers according to the Resolution of your device, but it’s like a temporary solution, you can’t just have all Wallpaper with the exact same resolution. Today, We will provide you some applications that will help you in setting the Wallpaper as whole to your screen, but make sure that you have the Wallpaper whose Resolution is bigger then your device Screen resolution.

Image 2 Wallpaper


Simple Image Wallpaper


Wallpaper WizardiiScreenshot_32

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