Add Quick Charging Mode To iPhone Or iPad [ How To ]


Do you want to charge your iPhone as quick as Android devices, in the following tutorial I’ll tell you how to add Quick Charging Mode To iPhone Or iPad.

Quick Charging is the Mode is the one feature that we want most in new iPhone and as rumored are growing we may get Quick Charging Mode on iPhone 7. But if you are using a Jailbreak device then you don’t need to wait for iPhone 7 to come in, all you have to do is follow the instruction below and in few minutes you’ll get Quick Charging Mode for iPhone Or iPad.

quick Charging Mode iphone or ipad

How to Add Quick Charging Mode To iPhone Or iPad:

Before moving on you need to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, if your device is not Jailbroken use our Jailbreak guide.

Step1: Open Cydia on iPhone or iPad.

Step2: Now search for Wolfram.

Step3: Once you find Wolfram, tap on install.

Step4: After Wolfram is installed, reboot your device. Once your device is turn on, plugin in lightning charging cable.

Now when charging cable is plugged in, you’ll see Low Power Mode will enable automatically. When low power mode is on its obvious that your iPhone will uses less power while charging. It means more power gets to the battery and your device will charge up quickly as compared to normal charging. That’s it for now.

Well you cannot say that this quick charging mode is like the Android devices mode, bit its effective. Hope so Apple will consider adding quick charging mode in iPhone 7, till now Wolfram will do to work for you.

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