AccuWeather app for Android Wear 2.0 now available


With Android Wear 2.0 being announced a few days back, developers are hard at work updating or in some cases working on bringing new apps for the platform. Uber for Android Wear 2.0 was launched a few days back and now AccuWeather is following suit by launching an all new application.

AccuWeather was available for the Android Wear platform even before but the features that it offered were very basic. You could get information on the weather only based on your current location, apart from that users could only see the weather conditions for the next few hours. Now the app can show you daily and hourly forecasts and you an even add multiple locations which was not possible before.

The app comes with a watchface, you can make use of that or even provide data from the AccuWeather app to other watchfaces as it is compatible with them too. Moreover, the app will be able to provide additional information like current conditions, temperature, wind speed, real feel and more. This is quite an improvement over the bare bones app that we had before.

Most of the apps in Android Wear 2.0 were quite dependent on the handset to which the smartwatch was paired. With Android Wear 2.0, Google has focused more on making the OS all inclusive which would make the smartwatch less dependent on the smartphone. This is the move in the right direction, the functionality of the wearable should move beyond being a simple tech-watch or a fitness tracker.  To ensure that the wearable market grows, developers and manufacturers need to work on providing people with features that will make them think that the smartwatch is indispensable just like the smartphone.