4 Ways to fix AMOLED burn-in on Android display [ Tips ]


When Super AMOLED was introduced, it changed the era of LEDs. AMOLED is awesome in many ways, colors are sharp, display is super bright etc. But there is a problem with AMOLED display, it burn-in the display on Android devices, pictures get blurry as in old days of CRT screens. Well no need to get worry AMOLED burn-in can be fixed.

In the following guide I’ll tell you how to fix AMOLED burn-in on Android devices, we are not using any root methods nor black and white wallpaper trick. All you have to do is install a third-party app on your device and boom its fixed. Also I’ll tell more methods that will prevent AMOLED burn-in on Android display.


How to fix Amoled burn-in on Android:

  • First open Google Play on your Android device.
  • Search for AMOLED Burn-In Fixer and install it.
  • Run the AMOLED Burn-In Fixer from your app drawer.
  • First it will tell test you device whether burn-in has happened or not. Also it will hide the UI parts to prevent the burn-in.
  • If you device is having AMOLED burn-in issue AMOLED Burn-In Fixer will fix it.

All done.

Method #2:

  • Open settings on your Android device.
  • Tap on display.
  • Reduce your screen brightness or set it on automatic.
  • Reduce your screen timeout, set to 10 seconds.

All Done.

Method #3:

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Tap on Accessibility.
  • Select Display from the list.
  • Find Color inversion and turn it on.

All Done.

Method #4:

  • Open Google Play on your device.
  • Search for Nova Launcher and install it.
  • Once installed enable the Nova Launcher and select it as default.
  • Also change your home screen wallpaper to a solid color wallpaper.

All Done.

After applying all these methods if still you facing AMOLED burn-in issue on your Android display, then you should head to manufacturer service center to get it fixed.

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  1. Well, I’ve heard a couple of times about the app having slight results which is essentially just attempting to even out where the damage is to the pixels.. But the rest is useless. ESPECIALLY the nova junk. It’s completely irrelevant and I can’t stand nova launcher beyond it being useless. It ranks right up with GO launcher. Besides the fact that you’re saying to download a launcher, to change a background. Let me say that again. You want to DOWNLOAD AND RUN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LAUNCHER JUST SO YOU CAN CHANGE THE BACKGROUND. I’m guessing you’d also change your tires so that you can tint your car windows, right? Or maybe a little closer to true, buy a brand new front door to change the door handle. All in all, this was a pretty huge dissapointing find coming from a site addressed as “tech beasts.” Might want to get that changed to “nova enthusiast.”

  2. haha how can the software knows exact pixels which had burn in without any additional hardware to measure the pixels characteristics

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