COD Mobile Perks Explained – Best Perks & How to Unlock


Perks are the chief constituent of Call of Duty series. Call of Duty Mobile is no different. It has all the perks too. If you haven’t discovered perks yet, you will do so once you go through this guide. All of the COD Mobile Perks are explained here. You will also learn about the Best Perks and also how to unlock COD Mobile perks.

COD Mobile Perks
Perks work in Multipalyer Mode only.

COD Mobile Perks

For the unbeknownst, perks in COD Mobile are like powerups in any other game. Perks give your soldiers special abilities on the battlefield. These special abilities and enormously improve your gameplay. The game-changing perks can transform your defeat into a win. For example, you will find features like improving the recovery speed of your soldiers, you will be able to hide your soldiers from the enemy UAVs, or they can improve the sprint speed of your character. There are dozens of perks in COD Mobile to benefit from.

To ensure maximum benefit from a perk, you must learn about the best ones. Choosing the wrong perks is not going to do any good for your game. A lot of choices in the perks section can also leave you confused which is also why you need to know about the best COD Mobile perks. Before you learn about the best perks, let me show you a few prerequisites to use perks.

COD Mobile Perks Requirements

  • COD Mobile Perks work only in the Multiplayer Mode.
  • Perks will not work in the Battle Royale mode.
  • COD Mobile has 3 Perks: Red, Green, and Blue.
  • At max, you can use only 3 Perks.
  • You can use only 1 Perk from each Perk category.
  • To use at least one perk from each category, you must surpass level 12.

If you are meeting all these prerequisites, you are all good to go ahead and learn more about perks.

Red Perks

COD Mobile Perks
Red Perks of COD Mobile

This is the very first set of Perks that you will unlock in Call of Duty Mobile. The Red Perks open up at level 4. The following are all the perks of Red Perks.

Fast Recover: It increases the HP recovery rate of your soldier by 35%.

Persistence: With this perk, the scorestreak progression will not reset upon your player’s death, but it doubles the scorestreaks costs.

Lightweight: It increases the sprinting speed of your soldier by 10%. The fail damage is enormously reduced with this Perk.

Flak Jacket: It reduces the damage from explosions by about 35%. This can prove to be a life saviour in many situations.

Skuller: It helps your player move 12% faster when walking or crouching in the game.

Agile: The object mantling becomes quicker. The aiming time of weapons of you stops sprinting is reduced by 85%.

Green Perks

COD Mobile Perks
Green Perks of COD Mobile

The Green Perks will unlock at level 6. These perks are aimed at making your player prone to enemy attacks. The following are the perks of the Green Perks.

Tracker: The enemy footprints are visible for 4 seconds when they are approaching you. You can easily aim at your enemies with this perk.

Vulture: This perk picks up the ammo from kills equal to the magazine capacity of your current weapon.

Toughness: When your player is shot, it reduces the flinch by 60%.

Ghost: It makes your player undetectable for enemy UAVs. The Enemy UAVs cannot reveal your position.

Cold-Blooded: The enemy AI-controlled Scorestreaks cannot target you when this perk is activated. However, it doesn’t affect the manually-controlled Scorestreaks.

Hard Wired: Your player becomes immune to Counter-UAVs and EMP Grenades. It doesn’t let you trigger Trip Mines either. It reduces the effectiveness of enemy tracker perks too.

Blue Perks

Best COD Mobile Perks
Blue Perks of COD Mobile

This is the last set of Perks in COD Mobile. The first Blue Perk unlocks at level 12. Take a look at the perks of Blue Perks category.

Hardline: It increases the points earned by killing enemies by 25%.

Demo Expert: It will increase the damage of your explosives by 25%.

Tactical Mask: It reduces the duration of tactical equipment effects on you by 40%.

Alert: It shows a general location of enemies on the mini-map when the enemies approach you.

Engineer: It shows enemy equipment and scorestreaks. It also re-rolls friendly care packages and booby trap enemy care packages.

Dead Silence: It will make your movement silent. The enemies will not know when you approach them.

COD Mobile Best Perks

  1. Fast Recover
  2. Agile
  3. Vulture
  4. Toughness
  5. Ghost
  6. Dead Silence
  7. Alert

If you keep getting shot again and again in the game, use the Fast Recover from Red Perks. It will speed up the HP Recovery of your player by 35%. For quicker object mantling, you may go with the Agile Perk, but it’s totally your own choice. My personal choice from the Red Perks is the Fast Recover.

From the Green Perks, pick the Vulture Perk if you don’t want to run out of bullets. It will keep your magazine loaded for the most time. If you want to hide from the enemy UAVs, going with the Ghost Perk is the best choice. If you want to reduce flinch by 60% after being shot, go with the toughness perk. Other green perks are pretty much useless.

From the Blue Perks, the Dead Silence will make your movement completely silent and this is going to help you target enemies without having them turn their heads towards you. The Alert Perk will give you a better idea of where your enemies are.

Remember that you can use only 1 perk from each perk category at one time. The best perks are listed to help you avoid a lot of confusion.

How to activate Perks in COD Mobile

  1. Open Call of Duty Mobile on your phone or in Gameloop.
  2. Click on Multiplayer Mode.
  3. Now click on Loadout on the left side of the screen.
  4. On the lower-right side, you will find Red, Green, and Blue Badges.
  5. Click on each badge and choose your perk one by one. That’s all.
Activating Perks from Loadout menu


After applying perks to your COD Mobile gameplay, you will note a lot of improvement. This will improve your winning streak in the game. If you have any questions related to these perks or this guide, feel free to use the comment section below. I will ensure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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