7 Ways to Customize Your Android Phone in your own Style


Getting along with a new phone might take up a bit of time. But making the phone yours can be a quicker process too if you know exactly what to do with your new device. Here I am going to show all you can do to Customize Your Android Phone.

The best thing about Android is that it gives its users so many options to play around and make the phone just like they want their phone to be. The huge selection of customization options for Android is actually what makes users stick with Android smartphone.

Now, even though it is easy to Customize Your Android Phone, if you have not done this before, you might need a bit of a guide. And here I am going to show you how you can do the maneuvering and once you have learned, you can do it without any help for the rest of your lives.

Also, I am going to include suggestions to change the outlook of your phone in case you are bored with the same old look. The best part is that all the ways I have included here do not require you to root your devices. So your device is safe and the methods are easy to follow.

Customize Your Android Phone
7 Ways to Customize Your Android Phone in your own Style

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7 Ways to Customize Your Android Phone in your own Style:

Heed the instructions below, following are the keen factors which will help you to customize your Android phone in our own way. Let’s get started.

Backup Data:

First of all, if you have just bought a new phone, the first thing you would want to do is transfer your contacts. apps and other data on your new phone. A very convenient way you can do this is by using Tap and Go. This app is specially designed so that users can easily transfer data from one phone to another.

Use the following links:

Launcher Homescreen:

Next in line is a bit of customization to the Homescreen. You can replace your home screen with a Launcher for an absolutely different look. There are several launchers available in the PlayStore for free download. You can use these launchers to resize icons and arrange home screen shortcuts and so much more.


Another way you can have a better and newer experience of your phone is by changing the default keyboard. You can replace the default keyboard of your phone by residing in third-party apps. There are so many custom keyboard apps available in the Good Play Store including Swiftkey or Swype.

These are top rated keyboard apps that are free to download and once you have them you get a total refresh to the messaging experience. You can even download apps like Bitmoji for emoji keyboard.

Font Style:

One quick and easy way to get a refresh is to change Fonts style. Once you do this, you will see how big of a difference it makes to the overall look of your phone. You no longer have to stick with the same old boring fonts especially when you have so many apps to change the font that is free to download.

Homescreen Widgets:

This is something that most users ignore but if you explore the widgets available for the home screen, you will see that there are so many creative widgets available for each of the apps. These widgets come in all sizes so you can make use of the home screen space.

Beautiful Widgets Pro
Price: $2.49


One of the first things users do when they get a new phone is to see the wallpaper options available. Also, a wallpaper of your choice tells a lot about who you are. It is the first thing people see when they glance at your new phone.

So, choose a wallpaper that you love to see everytime you unlock your phone. If you want to save up on your battery life, go for wallpaper that is darker in color or black.

Best Android Wallpaper:

500 Firepaper
Price: Free+
Muzei Live Wallpaper
Price: Free

Lock Screen Customization:

Last but not least, the Android phone lets you customize your lock screen. You can not only choose the method and different lock screen styles but you can also choose which information and notifications you want to see on the lock screen. This is great when it comes to privacy protection.

Best Android Lock Screen Apps:

That’s all.

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