Easily Backup & Restore EFS On Samsung Galaxy Devices With Samsung Tool App


Samsung Galaxy users must have heard of the EFS backup while updating or flashing a new firmware or flashing a custom ROM. EFS, Encrypting File System is basically a partition where the device’s radio information/data is stored. Backing up this partition is important before you make any changes to your Galaxy device’s system because of its highly sensitive nature that may result in turning off your device’s radio and having no connectivity at all.

What causes this radio issue to happen is, flashing invalid or inappropriate firmware damage the current EFS partition and results in changing the IMEI of the device to null. EFS issue is most likely to happen especially when you downgrade your Samsung Galaxy device. Having backed up EFS data is the only thing that can save your device life in this case. There is a number of methods available over the web to backup EFS on different devices, but most of these methods vary through different devices. Earlier we posted some methods, but a much easier method was still required.

While going through the XDA-developers forum, I came across the Samsung Tool App, developed by XDA Recognized Contributor ricky310711. Samsung Tool is a lite and easy to use the app, that can backup and restore EFS data on any Samsung Galaxy Device. You don’t need to worry about your device’s model number or firmware in order to use this application. All you need is, your device must be rooted and have a busy box installed and it will work perfectly great. Along with the EFS Backup & Restore options, the developer has also added the reboot options in the application that is just a bonus here. Samsung Tool app can be installed as a normal APK. Let’s have a look at how you can use this application to backup & restore the EFS partition. Let’s move forward and learn about the tool now.

How to Backup & Restore EFS using Samsung Tool:

  1. Your device must be rooted.
  2. Your device must have Busybox installed. If your device is rooted, you can install it from the play store as well.
  3. Download Samsung Tool APK. Download it directly to your phone or copy it to your phone from your PC.
  4. Locate the APK file on your phone and install it. Select Package Installer if prompted, allow unknown sources if required.
  5. Once installed, access the application from the app drawer.
  6. You will find all the options in the Samsung Tool, select whether you want to Backup, Restore EFS or Reboot your device.
  7. That’s all with the use.
  8. EFS Backup & Restore

As mentioned, Samsung Tool App works with all the Samsung Galaxy Devices(those as well which are not listed below), the confirmed devices are:

Samsung GT-I9300
Samsung GT-I9305
Samsung GT-I9505
Samsung GT-I9500
Samsung GT-N7100
Samsung GT-N7105
Samsung SM-N900
Samsung SM-N9005
Samsung SM-G900A
Samsung SM-G900F
Samsung SM-G900H
Samsung SM-G900I
Samsung SM-G900P
Samsung SM-G900T
Samsung SM-G900W8
Samsung SPH-L710

Backing up EFS is the very first thing you should do once you root your Android powered Samsung Galaxy device. What are you waiting for now? Back it up and let us know how this application worked for you.

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  1. Oh, I have not read this earlier and so I have not done this, but I have installed a custom rom, cm 11. If I do this back up now, would it mean that my radio is saved, and will work with available FM apps? Or have I lost it for ever? Thank you

    • @mani_s_s:disqus don’t worry about that. Just don’t downgrade your device, you can simply flash some stock fimrware and make an EFS backup. And you have not lost it if your SIM is working fine.

      • Does flashing the original stock ROM on S iii mini, amount to downgrading? However today I took nandroid back up with TWRP, where there was an option for EFS also which I clicked. Does it amount to having backed up EFS. THANK YOU.

        • @mani_s_s:disqus yes you’ve backed it all up. If you’re flashing the latest available Android firmware, you’re not downgrading. Downgrading only means to flash an older version of Android.

          • Pls I try to change my rom of Samsung t111 but the phone dead. Pls can u help me with it to on back

  2. If i have do this EFS Backup after the update and restore it, what would happen?,
    does it save my FM, and any other bugs or just a few of them?.

  3. @disqus_vKZ3ZhlgqG:disqus EFS doens’t have anything to do with the FM, its for the IMEI and antena Radios of the phone. The radio we are talking about here is the one which is responsible for dialing numbers from your phone and sending text messages and all other GSM connectivity parameters of your phone.

  4. Is there any difference between EFS backup and Nandroid backup? I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Quattro GT-i8552, installed CWM and now confused about EFS backup and Nandroid backup. Please guide me.

    • @rajeshvasantpatwardhan:disqus EFS = only EFS partitions. Nandroid = Entire system. You should backup EFS + Nandroid and save it to your computer.

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