OnePlus Switch: Transfer data between old and new OnePlus phones

Switching or migrating data between the OnePlus phones has been made easier with OnePlus Switch application. The OnePlus Switch is an official application by OnePlus. Users do not need to use the third-party applications to transfer data between their phones anymore. OnePlus Switch is safe, secure, and easy to use. In this guide, we will take a look at the process that OnePlus Switch uses to transfer data between old and new OnePlus phones.How to transfer data from your old OnePlus phone to new one

OnePlus has strengthened its smartphone lineup with the help of the latest OnePlus 5T recently. OnePlus is known for producing high-end smartphones in a very friendly budget. Over the course of past few years, OnePlus has improved its handsets and its software greatly. The OnePlus phones are now much more beautiful, the software is more stable. The price of the phones has increased a little bit, but that’s just going according to the industry standards. The price of mid-range smartphones today is exactly the same as flagship smartphones before the year 2016.

OnePlus’s flagship phones i.e. OnePlus 5 and 5T are still cheaper than the mid-range phones of companies like Samsung, LG and others. There’s no doubt that this Chinese manufacturer has attracted masses and it’s gearing towards more success now. To facilitate the OnePlus users, the company has launched a handful of applications. OnePlus Switch is one of those applications which makes switching to OnePlus phones much more convenient for the new users.

After seeing this application moving GB’s of data smoothly between the OP phones, I decided to do this guide. The OnePlus Switch is capable of migrating all the data including Contacts, Call Logs, SMS Messages, Media and everything else stored on a phone. The application makes the use of WiFi Direct feature of the handset to move GBs of data within a few minutes. When the data is supposed to be transferred between two OnePlus phones, the OnePlus Switch makes one phone act as a WiFi hotspot and the other phone connects to this WiFi hotspot. Over the WiFi connection, the data is then moved quickly. The sender device is the one that acts as the WiFi hotspot while the receiver only connects to this anonymous WiFi by searching for its IP address. No cables are needed, no internet connection is needed, no memory card swaps and no nothing. The data transfer happens before you blink your eyes. Let’s have a look at how to transfer data from your old OnePlus phone to the new one now.

OnePlus Switch: Transfer data between old and new OnePlus phones

  1. Download and install OnePlus Switch on your OnePlus phone or any other Android phone. You will have to install OnePlus Switch on both the phones.
  2. After installing OnePlus Switch, open the application on the sender phone or your old phone.
  3. Now open OnePlus Switch and tap the “Previous Device” to set it up. After tapping the Previous Device option, your phone will ask you to scan the QR code of the new device.
  4. Similarly, open the application on the receiver phone and tap “New Device” on it.
  5. Now the New Device, which is your new phone, will show you a QR code. Scan this QR code on the old device.
  6. The old device will now show you the files to transfer. Select all the data including files and folders that you want to transfer.
  7. It will take a few minutes for the phone to transfer all the data. That’s all.
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