Top Best Kodi Repositories of 2017 – Still Working


Kodi fans are having a pretty bad year, a lot famous Kodi Repositories went offline including TVAddons / Fusion and Offshoregit. This is the main reason Kodi users are facing a lot of problems. To help Kodi fans get up and running again, we have compiled a list of Best Kodi Repositories of 2017 which are still operational.

Best Kodi Repositories of 2017


Working Kodi repositories:

Following are the 5 Best Kodi Repositories are still working, Enjoy!

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Ares Repository:

Best Kodi Repositories of 2017

Ares is one of the best Kodi installers which allow you to install Kodi Builds, Add-ons, maintenance tools, and more. Once you have installed Ares Wizard, you can get all the famous Kodi Add-on including Exodus, Ice Films, DC sports and more.

We’ve prepared a step by step guide with screenshots to help you out with the installation of Ares Wizard Kodi Krypton. Ares Wizard not only provide you the best Kodi Add-ons but it also has a section of Kodi Builds. You can download the Apollo, MMA Planet.

Noobs and Nerds:

Best Kodi Repositories of 2017

Noobs and Nerds made their name very quickly, the team behind the success of SportsDevil. When SportsDevil first came out they don’t have any repository to get along and because of that users ran into issues. Now if you are looking for a stable version of SportsDevil then must install it through Noobs and Nerds. Yesterday I’ve posted how to install Bob on Kodi using Noobs and Nerds, now if you are looking for a way to install Noobs and Nerds you can find the method here.

Advantages of Noobs and Nerds:

Once you have installed Noobs and Nerds you can have the following Kodi Add-ons.


Best Kodi Repositories of 2017

SuperRepo is like a planet of Kodi Add-ons you can get any Kodi Add-on from SuperRepo Repository. But Unfortunately, most of the Add-on hosted on SuperRepo are broken, on the other hand as we all know that TVAddons is gone more and more developers are working their way to Super Repo.

SuperRepo installation file:

You can use this URL ( ) to Install SuperRepo on Kodi – Use these Steps [ Install Any Add-on ].

Mucky Duck:

Best Kodi Repositories of 2017


Mucky Duck Repository has a large collection of Kodi Add-ons but same like Super Repo most of them are broken. But Still, there are many Add-ons you can Install using Mucky Duck Repo. Recently we have heard that iStream is making its way to Mucky Ducks. iStream is said to be the best when it comes to watching movies.

Mucky Duck installation file:

You can use this URL ( to Install Mucky Duck on Kodi – Use these Steps [ Install Any Add-on ].


Best Kodi Repositories of 2017

Kodil has tons of popular Add-ons that cannot be found anywhere for e.g Exodus, Pro Sport and more. Although Kodil hasn’t been updated since 2015.

Dead Kodi repositories:

These are the Kodi Addons that are not working anymore. We are not sure whether these Addons will ever come back up or not, but for now, these are dead.

  • Phoenix
  • F.t.f.a
  • DOJO Streams
  • Ccloud
  • ZEN – Elysium
  • Deliverance
  • Bamf
  • Velocity
  • One128
  • Reaper
  • Cerburus

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