List of Kodi Addons that are still working and not working


Kodi is undoubtedly the most popular open-source software when it comes to the entertainment systems. Over the course of past few years, Kodi has outspread well enough. Kodi has hundreds, if not thousands of Addons. The purpose of these Addons is to enable the users to watch movies, stream live TV shows, music shows and everything else that they need for entertainment. Kodi became more and more popular with time, and its popularity has now started causing problems for the Addons and their developers.Kodi Addons that are still working and not working

Recently, companies have started rolling out legal notices to some of the Addons being run on Kodi. These Addons were either allowing the users to live-stream some TV channels or the TV shoes. This is considered quite unethical and as a result, the developers had to take their Addons down. The most popular Addon that has been taken down is Phoenix.

This didn’t stop the Kodi Addons from coming up. The massive surge of Kodi Addons is still on the go. Where a handful of Addons is taken down, a number of Addons take birth at the same time. Right now, there’s a controlled number of Addons that have been kicked-off. In case you have been using Kodi for a while, you would want to know what Addons are working and what Addons have been shut down.

Here’s a list of Addons that are currently working, that are experiencing issues and the Addons that have been shut down for Kodi.


Kodi Addons that are not working – the ones shut down

These are the Kodi Addons that are not working anymore. We are not sure whether these Addons will ever come back up or not, but for now, these are dead.

  • Phoenix
  • F.t.f.a
  • DOJO Streams
  • Ccloud
  • ZEN – Elysium
  • Deliverance
  • Bamf
  • Velocity
  • One128
  • Reaper
  • Cerburus

Kodi Addons that are having connectivity and other issues

You might experience connectivity issues with the following Addons. These Addons might give you the error Could not connect to the repository.

  • Yes Movies
  • Sports Devil
  • SkyNet
  • UK Turk’s Playlist
  • Exodus

Kodi Addons that are working fine

  • 1Channel
  • Spector Fork
  • Genesis Reborn
  • Supermacy
  • Flixnet
  • Wolf Pack
  • Openload Movies
  • Noobs and Nerds

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