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Download the Private Browsers for Android. It is sometimes absolutely necessary for people to protect their whereabouts over the internet. At other times, you want to protect your information. Private browsers have become a must these days for anybody who uses the internet. These Private Browsers let you comfortably use the internet and no worry about getting your information to be seen by the spying eyes.

In this article, I have included the Best Private Browsers for Android that you can use. These browsers are absolutely reliable and they help you become absolutely anonymous. Many browsers come with ‘incognito mode’ that serves the exact same purpose. None of your browsing history is recorded when you are using the private mode. This does not only go for PCs. The browsers for Android devices also have the incognito or private mode feature so you can browse privately and safely.

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Private Browsers for Android
Top Best Private Browsers for Android

Best Private Browsers for Android – 2018:

Following are the best private browser you can get for Android devices. We’ve tested all of these apps and they really provide private browsing on a Android smartphone.

Firefox Focus:

First up among the Best Private Browsers Android is Firefox Focus. The private browser keeps you anonymous and that gives especially when it comes to targeted advertisements. These adverts can be extremely sneaky and especially when the current new thing is location tracking.

Firefox Focus has been especially designed to keep the adverts away and out. You can even monitor and control the blocked trackers as well as give permission to the trackers that you want in like the ones from the social media sites. Have no time to logout and erase data? All can be done quickly and end session is not a big deal when you have features like ‘erase data’ available for one tap.


Let’s move on to the next private browser in the list. This one acts just like VPN that lets you hide your location and all of the private information as well as keep sneakers, adverts and malware out. The app is also designed to encrypt internet traffic and prevents it from bouncing back. The browser is free to use.


InBrowser is one the most reliable and safest to use browsers currently available. The browser saves absolutely no data when you browse through it. You can even download from within the app as well use its own video player so you do not have to go to YouTube for viewing video content.

Dolphin Zero Browser:

This browser comes with a default ‘Do Not Track’ feature. The app offers a very neat and clean internet private browsing which means no ads, no unwanted pop-ups to divert your attention, no messy web pages or useless clicking that pushes you to wander to unknown web pages that you never wanted to see. This is all possible with the help of AdBlock. The app also does not save any of your private information.


Ghostery has the biggest tracker database and it gives you complete information of the status on the number of the trackers. Not only that, you can also block or allow the trackers at your will. The app is capable of quickly erasing all of the cache as well as browsing history is deleted within seconds so you absolutely do not have to worry about ending a session quickly and whenever you want to.

Frost Incognito Browser:

Not all of us are comfortable switching to incognito mode again and again. If you are wishing for a browser that comes with a default incognito mode that is always enabled, your wish has come true with Frost Incognito Browser. Not only that, the app comes with Adblock so you can have better browsing experience and lesser of the nagging from adverts. You are able to bypass the advertisement websites without any issue. The browser also has its private vault that you can use to save all your private stuff without having to worry about getting it leaked or stolen. The vault can be secured with a password that only you know.

These we the best private browsers for Android devices. As you know now, there are plenty of reliable and safe ways to go anonymous over the internet, save your information, go incognito as well as save and manage passwords conveniently. The best thing about these browsers is that most of them come with AdBlock service so you can get a neater and comfortable browsing experience.

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