Android: Free SMS Apps for Unlimited Texts – 2018


Android: Free SMS Apps for Unlimited Texts. It is a fact that some of us still like to stick to old SMS texting apps and are not being consumed by the popularity of apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. There can be a lot of reasons you might have to not go with WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. The reason for not using these apps could also be security related.

Here are some really useful SMS apps that give good user experience as well as they are safe to use and give you unlimited texts.

Free SMS Apps for Unlimited Texts
Free SMS Apps for Unlimited Texts

Free SMS Apps for Unlimited Texts:

Here is a list of Free SMS Apps for Unlimited Texts.


Most of you might be familiar with GO Launcher. Here I introduce you to the Free SMS App, Go SMS Pro. It is best for those of you who like to maneuver and play around with device customization and themes. This app brings with it options to change the look of the app according to your likes.

The best part about the app is so many well-designed themes to choose from. All you have to do is, once download all themes individually from the PlayStore and you can have a different look whenever you want. The app also comes with the delay to send function which is really helpful in case you have accidentally sent a message and want to take it back. You can also use ‘blacklist function’ if you want to avoid using certain words during the conversations.


One of the apps that have been really popular among the users is MySMS and anybody who is looking for an alternative to the default SMS app will go for MySMS. The app is available for Android devices as well as the Web browser, windows, and Mac.

The app supports all the features that a good SMS app should have including group messaging and MMS messaging as well as the ability to schedule, transfer and backup messages. The app can also be connected and sync with Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Android Messages:

We all know how cluttered Hangouts is. And so if you are looking for a decluttered version of Hangouts, Android messages is the app for you. It comes with so many creative and fun stickers to use during texting. The option to take photo and record voice note is also available within the app. This is a perfect SMS app by Google.

Google Messages
Price: Free

Chomp SMS:

An app that is good for messaging and keeps your conversations private is Chomp SMS. The app comes with Applock so you can use a passcode to access the messages. This keeps the stalkers out. Also, the app designed is really interactive and colorful and you have so many emojis and stickers to use during conversations.

There are other interesting features in the app as well like blacklists, pop-ups for an instant reply, advanced security and privacy options as well as a ton of customization options.

Chomp SMS
Price: Free

Signal Private Messenger:

If you are someone who is extremely cautious when it comes to privacy, this is a very secure and quite reliable SMS app. The app is specially designed to keep your messages secure with the end to end encryption. You cannot even take a screenshot of the conversations and even the attachments are encrypted. Looks like we have a solution for privacy leaks.

These were the Best Free SMS Apps for Unlimited Texts. These apps satisfy the demands of all the people who are looking for an alternative to the regular SMS app. Be it someone looking for an SMS app with theme and customization options, for simplicity, for multiple devices, security or comprehensive services.

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