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Best Pokemon GO Scanners and Trackers. Ever since the release of Pokemon Go, there has been one persistent problem that Pokemon GO players have struggled with. The issue is with the Pokemon GO trackers that fail to tell you exactly where the Pokemon resides. You have to go through a whole lot of exploration around your area that the game encourages its players to do.

To solve the trouble of exploring around, players have resided in third-party apps. There have been thousands of trackers and scanners launched for Pokemon GO. These third-party scanners and trackers help players locate where exactly a Pokemon is on the map. Not only that, it also tells you the name and type of Pokemon as well as help players spoof their location to anywhere around the globe.

With the latest Android OTA Security Update, many of these third-party apps have been forced to shut down. This was done due to a security warning released by Niantic and Nintendo. So, now there are only a handful of trackers and scanners left that are still working on Android and iOS.

Pokemon GO Scanners and Trackers

Here, I have compiled the Best Working Pokemon GO Scanners and Trackers for Android and iOS. The list includes app based scanners and trackers as well as web-based scanners and trackers. The app-based scanners and trackers are highly customizable and more reliable whereas the web-based trackers can sometimes be unreliable because they use servers for tracking.

Pokemon GO Scanners and Trackers:

All of the Pokemon GO Scanners and Trackers that I have included in the list are free and powerful enough to help you catch the exact kind of Gen 2 Pokemon and all rare Pokemon.

PokeTrack (Android, Web):

This powerful Pokemon GO scanner and tracker is designed for Android devices and helps to scan all the Pokemon in an area as well as show the details of the Pokemon including its IV percentage, moves, type, name and other characteristics.

PokiiMap (Android):

PokiiMap is another powerful scanner and tracker. You can use your Google or PTC account to use PokiiMap. The scanner includes filters that you can set in order to only scan for the type of Pokemon you are looking for.

PokeSensor (Android):

Another scanner and tracker fo rPokemon Go that works seamlessly with the game is PokeSensor. PokeSensor is highly customizable where all of the data needs to be entered manually. The app will let you set the distance and speed for the scanner and choose the type of Pokemon you are searching for. The app is free to use.

PokeHunter (Web):

This is one of those brilliant location spoofing apps that help you select your position on the map manually and scan any area in the world for the type of Pokemon you are hunting for. The app also lets you hide the Pokemon you are not interested to catch. It also gives you the details of the nearby PokeStop and Gyms along with their team details and other stuff.

PokeHuntr (Web):

Another amazing location spoofing app that is used to spoof location to anywhere in the world is PokeHuntr. This app will let you move your character to anywhere in the world and scan for the rare Pokemon you want to catch. If not the best PokeHuntr is the app that is free and easy to use.

PokeVS (Web):

This Pokemon GO tracker works similar to other Pokemon GO trackers and scanners. The app lets you set the IV percentage so you can only see the Pokemon that you are looking for to hunt. The app is easy to use, it is reliable and free.

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