Fix Common Issues of Pokémon GO Location Spoofing


This is the first edition of the Issues of Pokémon GO Location Spoofing. Today, we’ll help you to Fix Common Issues of Pokémon GO Location Spoofing. Location Spoofing means that you are sitting at your home but in game, you are in the different region.

You can use many apps and hacks in Pokemon Go to start Location Spoofing. We have covered this topic many times. But today we are not telling you how you can spoof your location while playing Pokemon GO. Today we’ll tell you how you can fix common issues while you are using third-party apps or services to change your location.

It seems that Niantic and Nintendo were not happy because of these tracker services. This is the reason they issued a C&D (cease-and-desist) order letters to all those third-party services. In the result of that, all the best Pokemon scanner and tracker services were completely shutdowns.

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Pokémon GO Location Spoofing


Fix Common Issues of Pokémon GO Location Spoofing:

Following are the most common issues or problem you’ll face while you are using Pokemon GO location hack. Heed the instructions below in order to fix all these issues.

Fix Rubber Banding Problem:

Rubber Banding Problem is described as you were using the spoofed location on catch Pokemon but suddenly you are teleported back to your original location. Moreover, you can count Rubber Banding as a soft ban. Heed the instructions below to fix it.

  • Set your device location accuracy option to the only GPS.
  • Try to use your device where mostly you get bad reception.
  • You can use tin foil to block GPS signals.

Fix Soft Ban:

Method 1:

This method is more than a trick, you have to do a simple thing more than 40 times.

  • Search for local PokeStop.
  • Now once you have one, start spinning continuously. As I said before 40 times you have to repeat this process.
  • You might think that it’s a stupid thing to do, but trust me you’ll unban you Pokemon Go account by doing this.
  • Once you are through with that, you’ll start gaining prices.
  • That will be all, your account will be open. Start play and Enjoy.

Method 2:

  • Logout from your current account and create a new one on the same device.
  • Login to your new account and again log out. 
  • Uninstall Pokemon Go from your device.
  • Install the latest version, log in with your previous account.
  • Now you have to repeat the same process again and in the end, you have to log in to your Ban Account.
  • There you go, your Soft ban Pokemon Go account will be Unbanned.

Method 3:

  • If none of the methods given above worked for you, try the following.
  • If your account is permanently banned then the only way left for you is to Appeal.
  • You can Appeal a request to Pokemon Go team, but make sure you tell them all the details. Click on the following link to submit an appeal.

Appeal Link

  • Fill out all the information in the required fields, many users have reported on different forums that they have got their accounts back using Appeal method.

Fix Pokemon Go Pokestop not Spinning or not Working:

  1. Make sure that you’re connected to the internet and you can open Pokemon Go.
  2. Now open the Pokemon Go game in your phone.
  3. Find a local Pokestop around.
  4. Tap the Pokestop and it will open the Pokestop screen with its name and its picture in the circle.
  5. Try spinning the circle, if the circle doesn’t spin that means you’re banned.
  6. Now get back to the game by pressing the back key and tap the Pokestop again, it won’t spin again.
  7. Repeat this same process for 40 times, in the 41st spin, the Pokestop will start spinning and your ban will be lifted up.

That’s all. These were most common errors user have faced while using Pokémon GO Location Spoofing trick. Please do tell us how was your experience in the comments section below.

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