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Pokemon Go user are in for a treat, we have collected best location spoofing apps for Pokemon GO. You can use all these apps to spoof your locations and easily catch the Gen 2 Pokemon. We’ll be providing you the FlyGPS, GPS JoyStick, TutuApp and more.

There are millions of players who still love to Play Pokemon Go and we thought why not help all of these players by providing them the working Pokemon GO location hacks and GPS spoofing apps. Just for head’s up, the recent Pokemon GO updates have targeted all these tools. Moreover, in light of these events, we have seen many big names taken down. These updates were rolled out just to make sure that location spoofing tools won’t work anymore.

However, we always provide a way to our readers. So we decided to test all the apps which are still available and most importantly which are still working. Surprisingly we found many apps such as FlyGPS, GPS JoyStick, Fake GPS Joystick, and TutuApp. All of these apps are working perfectly, you can download all of these apps from the links below. Moreover, we’ll tell you how you can use these apps.


Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokemon GO

FlyGPS, GPS JoyStick, TutuApp


 Pokemon GO Gen 2 Location Spoofing Apps:

  • Fly GPS
  • GPS JoyStick
  • Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go
  • TutuApp.

Download FlyGPS, GPS JoyStick, TutuApp:

You can download the FlyGPS, GPS JoyStick, TutuApp apps from below. Moreover, We’ll be posting the methods to use these apps. One thing I would like to add more before I proceed, none of these location hacks required root access.

Fly GPS:

Fly GPS is the number 1 choice of every Pokemon Go Player. Moreover, Fly GPS can be downloaded from Google Play. This app is used by millions and still, it is working. Fly GPS is the best tool for location spoofing and it also provides you the on-screen joystick. You can easily control your Pokemon trainer while playing the Pokemon Go. Joystick becomes very useful when you want to move through the area, catch Pokemon, visit the PokeShop and when you are in the gym.

Download FLY GPS:

How To Use Fly GPS:

  • Install Fly GPS from Google Play.
  • Head over to the settings -> Developer Options -> Mock location app -> Fly GPS.
  • Go back to the settings -> lock screen and security -> scroll down and tap on location ->locating method -> GPS Only.
  • You need to do one more thing in location menu. Scroll down and Tap on Google Location History -> Turn on.
  • Launch Fly GPS on your device, Tap on locations nearby you. If you go for long distance location most likely your account will be banned.
  • Once you have set your location, Tap on the pop-up “Please select the menu” -> ” GPS Service Run ” -> ” JoyStick Location Mode – (Pokemon) “.
  • Now, launch Pokemon Go. You’ll see that your Pokemon trainer is at the location you just set in Fly GPS.

GPS JoyStick for Pokemon GO:

GPS JoyStick is another app for Android users. It does the same as Fly GPS does but GPS Joystick provides multiple locations at the same time. You can configure three different location at the same time using latitude & longitude coordinates. Moreover, you can use the search feature to set the mock the location.

Download GPS JoyStick for Pokemon GO:

Fake GPS Joystick and Routes:

Fake GPS Joystick and Routes is not a free service. You have to pay for this app a sum of $3.99. This amount is worth paying for because Fake GPS Joystick and Routes provides a lot more than other apps.

First, this app works perfectly. It provides advanced spoofing features like operational modes, automated movement, customizes speed, and update intervals. Moreover, you can add custom locations to your favorites list.

Download Fake GPS Joystick and Routes:

TutuApp for Pokémon Go:

You can use this link to download and use TutuApp for Pokemon GO. [ Hack Pokemon Go Using Tutuapp on Android – No Root ].

That’s all. This is how you can download FlyGPS, GPS JoyStick, TutuApp. Please do tell us your experience in the comments section below.

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