FastPokeMap Alternatives Which are Working [Scanners & Trackers]


Pokemon GO is still alive and rocking. Millions of player around the globe are still playing Pokemon GO. To find and track Pokemon around you was moderately boring. There are hundreds of third-party service which made finding and tracking rare and legendary Pokemon so easy. The best of them all was Since Niantic and Nintendo rolled out security patches to stop all these trackers.

We did some R&D and found the best FastPokeMap Alternatives for Pokemon GO. Now before we move to the list, let me tell you what is FastPokeMap. It’s a third-party service which works as a tracker. FastPokeMap allows to you find gen1 and gen2 Pokemon anywhere in the world for free. The best part was that you can do all this without walking. Moreover, all of these trackers point out the exact location of the Pokemon on the map.

It seems that Niantic and Nintendo were not happy because of these tracker services. This is the reason they issued a C&D (cease-and-desist) order letters to all those third-party services. In the result of that, all the best Pokemon scanner and tracker services were completely shutdowns. Moreover, the strange thing was that they only targeted all the famous names.

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Now in order to help the Pokemon trainers, we have compiled a list of all the working Pokemon GO trackers and Scanners. Let’s get started.



FastPokeMap Alternatives:

Following are the list of the best FastPokeMap Alternatives. If you are wondering why only a few to added to this list? Well, you can find hundreds of Pokemon GO tracker service on the Web, but not all are working and not all of them are secure. We are posting about the following services because we have examined them and then we are sharing them with you.

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Best FastPokeMap Alternatives for Pokemon GO:


PokeFetch is the number one on our list. PokeFetch lets you track Pokemon utilizing a real-time Pokemap. They are using third-party reputable tracker channels to provide you the Pokemon spawn data. Moreover, PokeFetch is free service but they also provide premium service to those who want to use on-demand scan.



PokeAlert is an Android App and it runs in the background. The basic purpose of the PokeAlert app is to notify you whenever the app discovers Pokemon around you. Moreover, PokeAlert allows to easily catch the Pokemon without rescanning. Unfortunately, PokeAlert is not available on Google Play as per Google policies. You can download the PokeAlet APK from the following link.

Link: Download PokeAlert APK


PokeWhere is also an Android and it works perfectly as FastPokeMap Alternate. This app works as a Pokemon Radar, it scans and shows all the Pokemon nearby you in real-time. Once you have installed PokeWhere, it will allow you to discover the rare Pokemon and let the catch you no matter where you are.

Download PokeWhere APK


PokeHuntr is a free online Pokemon tracker service and it works the same way as FastPokeMap. You can easily track, locate and catch the rare Pokemon using PokeHuntr. Use the following link to access the PokeHuntr.

Link: Pokehuntr

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That’s all. These were the best FastPokeMap Alternatives Which are Working. If you want to know how you can use FastPokeMap, please use our comprehensive guide to use FastPokeMap.

Please do tell us how was your experience in the comments section below.


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