Best Offline Music Apps to Listen to Music without Wifi – 2020 (Offline Music for Android)


Here are the 8 Best Offline Music Apps to Listen to Music without Wifi on Android. What if you could listen to your playlist without having to rely on WiFi? This article includes a list of all the best music streaming services that do not require an internet connection to play your music. It surely makes a lot easier when we can stream and play music offline because it is not all the time that we have access to WiFi.

Another reason why users want a music app that lets them listen to music offline is that streaming music on mobile data is not an option everyone can afford. Not all of us have unlimited data package plans so where can we listen to our songs and tracks when we are out for a walk?

Google Play Store is full of so many music apps. With the ease of availability due to smartphones, we have access to almost any app and service. Whatever our need be, Android apps are there to help us complete the tasks. Not only that, due to our phones being with us, we can hardly get bored.

I remember the time when we music lovers had to walk around with walkphones. Now that we have our smartphones we can listen to the radio, watch movies on YouTube and even listen to our favorite music in the background while working. You must have heard about popular music streaming apps like Soundcloud, GooglePlay Music, Soundhound and so many more. All of these best music streaming apps have their own amazing and unique features that make them so popular for streaming music.

One problem with some known music streaming apps is that they want an active internet connection to play your music. So, what do you do when you want to listen to music offline when you do not have access to WiFI? Read on to find out the best offline music apps to listen to music without WiFi. Let’s give you the Best Offline Music Apps for Android devices 2020.


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Best Offline Music Apps

How to listen to music without WiFi?

Let me explain how it is possible to stream music without WiFi. There are offline music streaming apps that allow users to either download music in the cloud or on local storage as well as within the app. These apps support offline mode and with offline music downloaders and other such features, they allow users to listen to music offline even when you do not have internet connectivity.

How these apps work is pretty simple; some of these will actually let you download music. They use cloud storage on your device or they can use your phone’s local storage as well. Some streaming apps use app cache to make streamed songs available to be listened to in offline mode as well.

Best Offline Music Apps to Listen to Music without WiFi on Android:

The following are the best offline music apps for Android. These apps will allow you to stream music offline and you won’t be needing an Internet connection.

GooglePlay Music:

One authentic and reliable music streaming app comes from Google itself. Google Play Music is immensely popular and it comes pre-installed in most of the Android devices.

YouTube Music
Price: Free

Deezer – Songs & Music Player:

Deezer is smart music streaming app. When you start using Deezer, it will ask you to choose the music genres that you interest you and based on those you will get tons of new tracks to listen to every day. Sort out the tracks into playlists and shuffle to get rolling. The app also gives access to several international radio stations.

If you think you will be going without the internet for a long period of time, just download your tracks and playlists and you are good to go.

SoundCloud – Music & Audio:

You might not know but as you play songs on Soundcloud, the streaming music is stored in the app cache. That is why you are able to listen to your recently played songs even when you are offline. Soundcloud was initially designed as an app for the new DJs. However, there is a huge amount of users that are registered as listeners.

Although it is not for original tracks and you will mostly find mixes and remixes, the app is excellent when it comes to exploring music based on your likes and your favorite genre. You can even create a playlist to sort music, follow music artists and other people as well as get followed back.

Spotify Music:

This is one the best-ranked music streaming sites that lets you keep your playlists private as well as share music with your friends. The app has a catalog of 20 million songs and editors’ picks as well as BBC Playlist service.

iHeart Radio:

Another free app with some subscription charges for premium services that give you access to over 800 radio station across the US. You can have your custom station and save stations that follow your likes. You can listen to live radio whenever you want.

Heart Radio App
Price: Free


Evermusic is a neatly designed offline music streaming app. It actually lets you search for your favorite songs and then lets you download them. The app arranges your music in playlists and uses your cloud storage including Dropbox or Google Drive to save music. This is great because saving on cloud storage lets you have free storage on your phone.


This music streaming app has topped Canadian app charts as well as has millions of users from around the world. The app has gained so much popularity within absolutely no time at all. And most importantly, Groove is completely offline and you can even listen to music in airplane mode. So next you are on a long flight, Groove will keep you happy and entertained.

Microsoft Groove
Price: Free


Pandora is available for Android and iOS devices. The app has some really cool features like an alarm clock that will let you wake up to your favorite music. The app is great for discovering new music and you have to do absolutely nothing; just choose an artist or track and the app will create a station for you with similar tracks lined up.

Bonus Offline Music Streaming Apps:

Saavn Music & Radio
Price: Free+
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