Best Location Spoofing Apps for Pokemon GO Gen 2 – 2018


Location Spoofing Apps for Pokemon 2018. Are you looking for some reliable location spoofing apps for Pokemon GO Gen 2? If so, here I have listed the Best Location Spoofing Apps. These apps Are not just reliable but they are also currently operational and are working fine on Pokemon GO. You might have known that recently a security warning was issued by Nintendo and Niantic.

This warning was targeted towards the tracking and scanning apps that were helping Pokemon GO players locate rare Pokemon on the map. The warning was also targeted towards location spoofing apps. This warning caused a lot of location spoofing apps to shut down.

If your Android has recently received an update, then chances are that the location spoofing apps that you used are no longer working. In that case, follow the guide below to make these apps workable again on your device.

Fix Common Issues of Pokémon GO Location Spoofing

Location Spoofing Apps for Pokemon GO
Best Location Spoofing Apps for Pokemon GO Gen 2

Best Location Spoofing Apps for Pokemon GO Gen 2:

Here is a list of all of the apps that are currently working fine with Pokemon GO Gen 2. The list includes FlyGPS, GPS JoyStick, Fake GPS Joystick, and Routes. Unfortunately, TuTu App is not working.


FlyGPS has been one of the most reliable location spoofing apps for Pokemon GO Gen 2. The app has hardly shown any error and works just as accurately as it should. One the best features of the app is that it comes with a joystick on the screen. You can use this joystick to navigate around the map without having to physically move. It will take you to the gyms in your area and to all the PokéStop.

GPS JoyStick for Pokemon GO:

Another great location spoofing app is GPS Joystick for Pokemon GO. This one is much similar to FlyGPS. It also includes an on-screen joystick to help you navigate around the map. The app includes an overlay joystick controller as well as lets you use three different locations. You can set your location manually by choosing longitude and latitude on the map. The app will let you choose your last saved location where you closed the map as well as detect current location automatically.

Fake GPS Joystick and Routes:

This one is not a free app. So, if you want to spend few bucks on spoofing, this app will cost you $3.99. However, the money you spend will not be wasted ad the app work flawlessly and lets you select the location manually as well use the joystick for easy movement. The app requires Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or later to run. The ‘no root’ mode is only available for Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Common Issues related to Pokemon GO Location Spoofing:

It has been noticed that there are a few issues that users face while spoofing location. Here is a fix to these Common Issues related to Pokemon GO Location Spoofing.

Rubber Band Effect:

  • Many times, while spoofing location, users find their character being located back to the reallocation. This often might result in a soft ban.
  • If you want to fix rubber band problem, follow the steps below.
  • First of all, set the GPS location to ‘GPS Only’. Moreover, never set the location accuracy to high or your real location will overcast the fake one.
  • Secondly, try to be at a place where GPS signals are low. For example, in the basement.
  • The third way is blocked GPS signals using tin foil. Wrapping your phone’s backside in 2 or more layers of tin foil should do the trick.

Soft Ban:

In case, you have been soft banned due to rubberbanding, you will not be able to get any item at the PokeStop. Also, any Pokemon that you catch will flee. Here is how to fix it.

  • The first method requires you to wait for 2 to 6 hours.
  • The second way to remove the soft ban from your account is by opening Poké Stop. Then spin the circle and close Poké Stop again.
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