How to Fix Pokemon Go Pokestop not Spinning or not Working


Are you caught in a frustrating situation where you’re not being able to spin your Pokestop? In simple words, are you one of the players who has been caught up by Niantic for trying a dirty trick to move ahead in Pokemon Go? Well, Niantic is more then active on capturing players cheating around and teaching them a listen right away. Pokemon not spinning means you’re soft banned from the game and now it depends on Niantic when they lift up your ban and let you play the game once again. If you’re going through such an issue, then at first, you should be thankful to God that you’re only soft banned and its something which you can get rid off. And then you should be glad to know that you’ve already spotted the right place to get rid of this issue.Pokémon-Go-logo-620x389

After giving a try to a nifty-trick, we’ve managed to get rid of the Pokestop not spinning issue. You can give it a try and start playing your game once again right now. Let’s have a look on how to fix Pokemon Go Pokestop not spinning or not working issue.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Pokestop not Spinning or not Working


  1. Make sure that you’re connected to the internet and you can open Pokemon Go.
  2. Now open the Pokemon Go game in your phone.
  3. Find a local Pokestop around.
  4. Tap the Pokestop and it will open the Pokestop screen with its name and its picture in the circle.
  5. Try spinning the circle, if the circle doesn’t spin that means you’re banned.
  6. Now get back to the game by pressing the back key and tap the Pokestop again, it won’t spin again.
  7. Repeat this same process for 40 times, in the 41st spin, the Pokestop will start spinning and your ban will be lifted up.
  8. That’s all. Let us know if this works for you or not. Best of luck.

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