Fix HPWU An error has occurred with the wireless network


Harry Potter Wizards Unite players have faced a strange error while playing the game. The game shows “An error has occurred with the wireless network” error all of a sudden. This annoying error can hinder the gameplay. Fortunately, it is very easy to fix this problem. Follow the steps given in this guide to Fix HPWU An error has occurred with the wireless network. Before you fix the HPWU wireless network error, let me give you its background.

HPWU An error has occurred with the wireless network

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – An error has occurred with the wireless network

There is no specific event which generates this error. It happens randomly. Some of the users faced this error while playing the Fortress Battles and some encountered it on the normal gameplay. Whenever it pops up, it disconnects you from the Harry Potter Wizards Unite server and you lose all your progress. To play the game again, you have to establish a connection. As long as this error keeps you disconnected, you will not be able to play the game.

The users who first came across this problem tried a variety of solutions. There wasn’t a specific fix to this error. In fact, different fixes worked for all the users. Some users changed their WiFi network, some switched to LTE and some tried uninstalling/installing this game. Furthermore, this error is not specific to Android or iOS. It is happening with the users on both the ecosystems.

HPWU An error has occurred with the wireless network

I am listing down all the possible solutions to fix wireless network error on harry potter wizards unite. Follow the solutions one by one to fix HPWU An error has occurred with the wireless network.

Check your Internet Connection

First of all, make sure that your internet connection is working properly. Since this error has to do with the Wireless Network, check the signal strength of your WiFi router. If it is not working fine, you need to check your router. Also, try restarting your WiFi router.

Alternatively, try switching to LTE or 4G which may fix the problem too. If both these fail, try using another new internet connection. For most of the users, switching to LTE and switching back to WiFi has worked fine.

You may check your phone’s WiFi reception too. If you are using 2 SIM cards in a Dual-SIM phone, try switching off or pulling out one SIM card. This solution worked on my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus which wasn’t showing a good WiFi signal reception.

Disable Download Boosters & Optimizers

If you have any download booster application installed on your Android phone or iPhone, its time to uninstall it. In case you have a Network enhancer application from your Network Carrier, you must disable/delete it too. The boosters can indulge in with the WiFi functionality of your phone which can pull out the wireless network error on HPWU.

Location Services & GPS Should Be Fully Connected

Since HPWU is an AR game which requires the users to go places, your GPS must be fully enabled. None of the features of the location services should be turned off. Go to the Settings of your phone and check all the location services. If there are any services disabled, turn it on and restart your phone. Run HPWU unite now to see if the error is gone or not.

Clear Game Cache & Data

On your Android phone, open settings, go to Apps/Application Manager > All Apps > Harry Potter Wizards Unite > Storage > Clear its Data and Cache. Restart your phone now. Launch the game. The error should be gone now.

Uninstall & Re-install Harry Potter Wizards Unite

The last solution is to completely delete the game from your phone. Before deleting the game, save all of your progress and sync it with your iTunes or Google Play Games account. After deleting the game, restart your phone. Installing the game from the Play Store or App Store again. It should work smoothly this time.

That’s all. These were the only few possible fixed of the Harry Potter Wizards Unite network error. If one of these solutions has worked for you, do let us know in the comments section below. If you have used a different solution which is not listed above, make sure that you drop it below to help others. Stay connected.


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