Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite without Moving [iOS Joystick – No Jailbreak]

Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite without moving with the help of iOS joystick. Steps to get Harry Potter Wizards Unite iOS Joystick are here.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is the hottest smartphone game right now. The AR-game is driving gamers crazy all over the world. The game comes from the makers of Pokemon Go and in many ways, it follows in the footsteps of Pokemon Go. The tricks that we once used to play Pokemon Go are alive once again to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite. iOS users, who are lazy enough to go out physically to catch the wicket characters, they would want to find a way to play the game without moving.

A neat trick to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite without moving is finally here. iOS users can activate Joystick to play the game and spoof the location. This method requires no jailbreak and no tweaks to your phone’s system. Before you apply the trick to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite using Joystick on iOS, let me tell you a little more about the game.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Joystick iOS

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite

The game is greatly inspired by the Harry Potter stories and movies. First off, you will get a chance to interact with your favorite Harry Potter characters. The entire game is set in a wizarding world in which a mighty mishap has occurred. As a consequence, the magical creatures, artifacts, memories, and people have leaked into a world that has no such knowledge. To bring back the lost creatures and characters back to the wizarding world, a force has been assembled. This force is known as the Statue of Secrecy Task Force. Players will be recruited as a member of this force and later on, they will lead this force. As a member of this force, your task is to do your best to prevent the magic from falling into the hands of muggles.

To find the foundables, you will get a map. The map will indicate wherever the foundables are and then you will have to physically move to that location. Upon reaching the location, you will turn on the camera of your phone to find the 3D creatures. Beware, the characters will look as realistic. One you see them on your phone’s screen, you have to tap them to bring them back. You may have to cast a few magic spells to control the characters as they can pose a challenge some times. The game is ready to take you places you have never been to.

The new Harry Potter game also offers a multiplayer mode where either you can join others or others can join you. This way, you will be able to finish the tasks quickly. The mission in this game is to put your name at the top of the leaderboards.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Joystick for iOS

Now that you know the game requires a lot of movement, you may feel a little lazy and start looking for tricks. Fortunately, there are ways to spoof Harry Potter Wizards Unite location for both Android and iOS. And now, there is a way to get the iOS Joystick to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite too. The method to get Harry Potter Wizards Unite Joystick is laid out in simple steps below.

The method given below will work on all iPhones and iPads. It is also compatible with all versions of iOS.

Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite without Moving – Harry Potter Wizards Unite iOS Joystick No Jailbreak

  1. First of all, open Safari Browser on the iPhone/iPad.
  2. In the Safari Browser, open this site:
  3. On the App Inject page, click on Harry Potter Wizards Unite Icon.
  4. The page will show you that the app is not injected. Click on the “Get Started” button now.
  5. It will ask you to install two apps. It is necessary to tweak HPWU on iOS. Install two apps of your choice from the list.
  6. After installation, open both those apps/games one by one.
  7. Now delete both the apps from your phone as the game has been tweaked.
  8. You have the location spoofer, teleporter, and joystick activated now.
  9. Open Harry Potter Wizards Unite on your iPhone.
  10. After launching the game, long-tap screen to enable Joy Stick.Harry Potter Wizards Unite without Moving 
  11. Double press the screen to access Teleporter. That’s all.Harry Potter Wizards Unite without Moving

Final Words

That is how easy it was to enable Joystick for Harry Potter Wizards Unite on iOS. This is the only method that is working right now. While you enjoy moving your character with the help of the Joystick, bear in mind that this trick is something that Niantic doesn’t like. The developers can send you a fair warning and lock down your account for 7 days. If you continue using the trick, they will lock you out for 30 days and after that, they have the right to ban you permanently. We saw a similar thing happening to the Pokemon Go players back then. This is the only thing that you have to be careful about. If you have any queries or questions, feel free to reach out to us. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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