Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing using iPotter – iOS Joystick [no jailbreak]


This is the guide to Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing using iPotter. I will also add iOS JoyStick for Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite has become the most popular iOS and Android game at the moment. The AR-game by the makers of Pokemon Go has got all the gamers stuck with their smartphones right now. Harry Potter Wizards Unite, just like the Pokemon Go, urges the gamers to step out of their comfort zone to finish the given tasks. The tasks in Wizards Unite are mainly to bring the lost magical artifacts and creatures back into the world of magic. There is definitely a lot of hard work involved in this game.Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing using iPotter

It is the unique gameplay which makes the games like Harry Potter Wizards Unite interesting. There are gamers who are willing to go places for the sake of their career in the HPWU. And then, there are the ones who go after shortcuts. The latter doesn’t even want to step out. They want to finish the game without moving. The Location Spoofers are the tools developed for such lazy gamers.

Lately, a large number of Harry Potter Wizards Unite players has started finding ways to fake their location. Faking the location moves your character from one place to another without any physical activity. This allows you to find the creatures in another country while you are sitting in your original location. The players have had a little bit of success finding such methods. We also tried finding one and luckily, we did figure it out.

While trying to spoof Harry Potter Wizards Unite location on my iPhone XS Max, I came across iPotter. I installed iPotter and to my surprise, it worked flawlessly. iPotter did not only let me change the GPS coordinates of my phone, but it also gave me a JoyStick in the Harry Potter Wizards Unite. FYI, the GPS coordinates, the Longitude and Lattitude are mocked by the location spoofer apps to fake the location. The combination of location spoofing and JoyStick made this the easiest AR-game for me. Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing using iPotter

iPotter has been developed by a group of Harry Potter Wizards Unite enthusiasts. You can easily guess why this tool is named as iPotter. It uses a virtual teleporter to make your phone’s GPS to detect a new location. Since the Harry Potter Wizards Unite uses the same GPS, it also reads the same location. This is a great idea especially when you find none of the magical foundables in your area or country. You can try switching to other locations quickly to see if you find anything there. It is not like you will switch the location and you will find everything.Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing using iPotter

Players have to walk there character around the field/ground to collect items or perform any given tasks. This part of the game is handled by the JoyStick. Originally, you would hold your phone in your hand and walk in the desired direction, but with the help of JoyStick, the physical walk comes to an end. Long-pressing the screen pops-up the JoyStick. You can move the JoyStick in any direction after that.

At first, it may seem like the character is moving too slow. In such a case, you can increase the speed of the character by 2x or 4x in iPotter’s settings. Furthermore, you can select Auto-Walk for the character which will also skip the use of JoyStick.

This definitely kills the original charm of the game, but if you are someone like me, who just wants to experience the game rather than mastering it, this tool is a good choice. It is totally up to you why and when you want to spoof Harry Potter Wizards Unite location. It is going to be your personal choice if you want to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite using JoyStick. Down below, you will find the method of Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing using iPotter. This will also give you the iOS JoyStick.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing using iPotter – iOS Joystick

  1. First of all, make sure that you do not have HPWU on your iPhone.
  2. Now download and install iPotter on your iPhone or iPad.
  3. After installing the iPotter, open Wizards Unite from the application drawer.
  4. Add all of your details in the game and proceed to the gameplay.
  5. Once you have the game-screen in front of you, open the settings of the game.
  6. You will find the settings of the iPotter now.hpwu location spoofing ios
  7. Its time to change the location, set the speed, or change other preferences.
  8. Enable the Harry Potter Wizards Unite JoyStick from the settings too.
  9. Get back to the game screen now.
  10. Long-press the screen for a couple of seconds to turn on the JoyStick.ios location spoofing harry potter wizards uniteharry potter wizards unite joystick ios


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Final Words

That’s all about spoofing location on Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Bear in mind that this guide will work for all available iPhones and iPads. It also works on all version of iOS and iPadOS. Also keep the risks in mind. Since the developers of HPWU are highly against the use of any out-of-the-box way to increase your HPWU method, it can land you in serious trouble. If you are opting for iPotter, make sure that you do not get caught. For any queries and questions related to the game or iPotter, use the comments section below.

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