Download iPotter IPA for iPhone and iPad


iOS users can download iPotter IPA from here. The iPotter IPA will work on all available versions of iOS and iPad OS.¬†Installing iPotter doesn’t require your device to be jailbroken.


iPotter is the most famous application in the iOS gaming community right now. The iPotter, tailor-made for Harry Potter Wizards Unite, is the only working location spoofer at the moment. iPotter brings the location spoofing with the iOS JoyStick to your iOS and iPad OS-powered devices. Apart from adding the ability to change your location virtually for HPWU, iPotter also adds an option to change the movement speed of your character. By default, the character moves really slow in the Harry Potter Wizards Unite. You can change the speed by 2X, 4X, or more by simply accessing the settings of iPotter. The best part of iPotter is that it adds a JoyStick too which makes it extremely easy to move the character.

iPotter IPA

iPotter gives you a map. You can drop the pin at any location to start the game from that location. You can add markers on the map too. If you are lazy enough to move physically in order to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the iPotter may be your best bet.

There are two methods to download iPotter for iOS. You can either download it directly on your phone or you can download its IPA on the computer to sideload via Cydia Impactor. The later can be a bit challenging as finding the right iPotter IPA can be quite a task. To make it a bit easy for the Harry Potter Wizards Unite players, we have found the iPotter IPA which you can download from below. Furthermore, you can follow the relative guides to download or sideload iPotter IPA on the iPhone/iPad.

iPotter IPA

Download iPotter IPA

  1. iPotter 2.0.2 IPA [July 11, 2019] – Official Download | Mirror
  2. To install iPotter IPA via Cydia Impactor, follow this guide.
  3. To install it directly on your phone, open the official page on your iPhone/iPad and click on Direct Install.
  4. In case you don’t know how to use iPotter, follow this guide: Spoof Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location using IPotter – iOS Joystick (no jailbreak)

For those who don’t know, the iPotter IPA is the installation file of IPA. The IPA file is basically the app store package file that contains a particular application. It is just like a .exe file of a computer program’s setup. While installing such IPAs, you have to ensure that you are taking complete responsibility for what you are doing. Since these apps are not authorized from Apple’s App Store officially, they can be a bit tricky sometimes. In case of a mishap, the developers of iPotter and TechBeasts cannot be held responsible.

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