How to Fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location on iOS (Location Spoofing)


This is the guide to fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location on iOS. You can spoof Harry Potter Wizards Unite location on iOS without jailbreak. All you have to do is to follow the few simple steps given below.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite has quickly become the top choice for smartphone gamers now. The game is a perfect replacement of the famous AR game Pokemon Go. Much like the Pokemon Go, players have to step out of their comfort zone, go to places, and find the magical creatures. Harry Potter Wizards Unite is developed by the developers of Pokemon Go too, so you can expect it to be a masterpiece.

Fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location on iOS
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The game is set in a wizarding world where the magical artifacts and creatures have made their way to the world that has no knowledge of it. Players are now recruited in the task force to bring the foundables back home. At any cost, the players must protect the foundables from falling into the wrong hands. On this mission, players will be joined by the famous characters of the Harry Potter series. The 3D creatures in the game are designed to resemble those you saw in the Harry Potter movie series.

Like the “Pokemon Go”, the Harry Potter Wizards Unite uses the GPS of your phone and shows you a map with the locations of the creatures. You have to physically move to that location and then turn on the camera of your phone to capture the creature. Sometimes, it will be really easy to find them and sometimes it will be hard. In fact, you may not be able to find the creatures all the time. This makes the game a little bit challenging as you might have to travel far away just to find them and get ahead on the leaderboards. This is how these AR games basically work.

Wizards Unite Location Spoofing

Now, if you don’t want to move physically, but you still want to play this game and complete the tasks/quests, there is a way for you. You can spoof the location. It will let you fake your location in the game, and let you use a joystick to move to any location virtually. This way, you will collect the creatures while sitting in one place.

Location spoofing quickly rings a bell and takes you back to the Pokemon Go days. Yes, it is still doable and it still has its risks. Niantic comes hard on all the gamers who try to cheat. So, if you are planning of spoofing location in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you better be prepared for the worst. If caught, Niantic will first ban you for 7 days. If caught again, you will be banned for 30 days, and third time, there isn’t going to be a way back.

Yes, you are definitely going to find the method to Fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location on iOS, but you must keep in mind what we just talked about above. Assuming that you have an idea of all the involved risks, take a look at the steps to fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite location on iOS.

Fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location

  1. Open Safari Browser on your iPhone.
  2. In Safari, open the sites
  3. On this site, you will find Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Click on it.
  4. Now it will show you that the app is not injected. Click on Get Started.
  5. It will now ask you to install two apps, this is important to start the injection process.
  6. Select the apps you would like to install.
  7. After installation, open both apps/games one by one.
  8. Now delete those apps. The spoofer and teleporter have been activated now.
  9. Open the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game now.
  10. A notification will appear on the top of the screen to enable Joystick and access settings.
  11. Once you are in the game, long-press the screen to bring up a joystick. Press with two fingers to access settings.


That’s how easy it was to fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite location on an iPhone or iPad. This method does not require any jailbreak or any other complicated steps. You should now be able to leave everyone behind on the scoreboards. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out to us. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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