How to Fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location on Android (Location Spoofing)


Faking your Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location will let you capture the creatures without physically moving. Learn in this guide how you can fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location on Android device. The location spoofing method is explained in laymen terms below.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is yet another game like Pokemon Go. In Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you will be finding the magical artifacts, magical creatures, and foundables around you in the real world. The task is to bring all those scattered artifacts back to their home. Like Pokemon Go, you will have to step outside of your house to find the creatures. The game uses GPS of your phone to build a map and show you the foundables on different locations. You may find these collectibles around banks, hospitals, playgrounds, parks, and other areas. If you are lazy enough to go out, and you want to play this game while sitting on your sofa all the time, you can spoof the location of your phone.

Location Spoofing changes the location of your phone virtually. In this case, you don’t have to move, but your phone’s GPS is taught to virtually move to that place. This way, you can switch location on the map of Harry Potter Wizards Unite to capture the magical creatures. This will not only make it easy for you to find the creatures but will also put you ahead of everyone on the leaderboards.

While the location spoofing for Harry Potter Wizards Unite looks like a great idea, it can land you in trouble too. Implementation of such ideas is not recommended by Niantic, the developers of this game. In case you don’t know, Niantic did ban a huge number of Pokemon Go players who were spoofing location back in 2016. The same applies to Harry Potter Go Wizards Unite. If you are caught spoofing location on Harry Potter Wizards Unite, Niantic will ban you for 7 days. If you do it again, you will be locked out for 30 days. Doing it for the thirds time will result in a permanent ban. So, before you just go ahead and fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite location, make sure you understand all the risks.

Fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location on Android

  1. Download and install Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer on Android.
  2. On your Android phone, go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Tap the build number 7 times.
  3. Now go back to Settings > Developer Options > Select Mock Location App > Fake GPS Go.
  4. Open Fake GPS application and use the joystick to move far away, or choose a start point.
  5. When you click on Start, it will ask you to draw over other apps. Give it permission.
  6. The Fake GPS Joystick will now appear on the screen.
  7. Now open Harry Potter Wizards Unite and start the game.
  8. Use the Joy Stick to move your character to any location you want. That’s all.
Fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location on Android
Demonstrating how to Fake Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location on Android



That’s all. It was pretty simple to spoof Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location on Android. While searching for a location spoofing app, make sure that you find the one with the joystick. Without the joystick, it would be hard to change the location during the gameplay. This method does not require any root. It also prevents you from falling for a modified APK of the game. As compared to the rough tricks, this is one of the safest methods to get ahead on your Harry Potter Wizards Unite journey. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out to us. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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