Best Harry Potter Wizards Unite Android JoyStick Location Spoofer


Want to spoof Harry Potter Wizards Unite location with a virtual JoyStick? Here are the best Harry Potter Wizards Unite Android JoyStick Location Spoofer apps. These apps are free and they all work fine.

  1. GPS JoyStick
  2. Fake GPS JoyStick
  3. NewGPS JoyStick
  4. Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer
Harry Potter Wizards Unite Android Joystick Location Spoofer
Playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite with GPS JoyStick

The number one game for both the Android and iOS right now is the Harry Potter Wizards Unite. The new AR game is taking making gamers go to places.¬† The idea of Harry Potter Wizards Unite’s gameplay is similar to Pokemon Go. You have to move out of your house to find creatures, turn on the camera, perform an action and bring them home. Harry Potter Wizards Unite uses the GPS of your phone to determine your location. After that, it shows you the location of foundables on a map. You have to move or travel to that place to collect that particular foundable. The magical creatures and artifacts are sometimes going to be nearby and sometimes, it is going to be a tough call. There is no doubt about this game being a masterpiece, but if you are lazy enough to move, you may look out for tricks to play the game without moving.

Back in the day, we had a handful of methods to play Pokemon Go without moving. It was easy to spoof the location on the phone to find a large number of Pokemon. The Fake GPS location spoofing apps that supported joystick, they made it further easy to move to a certain location. It looks like all those tricks are back once again. Recently, we shared a method to play Harry Potter Wizards unite without moving on Android and iOS. We also shared a method to get Harry Potter Wizards Unite iOS JoyStick without jailbreak. Our tutorials have brought us to the need for sharing a list of best Harry Potter Wizards Unite Android JoyStick Location spoofer apps now. Basically, the virtual JoyStick is incorporated in some good location spoofer apps. It’s like a 2-in-1 package. You can spoof the location and you can move the character without moving your phone.

I have done the research to collect all the Location Spoofer apps that support JoyStick. The location spoofer apps that you will find below are the ones that work with Harry Potter Wizards Unite. All these Harry Potter Wizards Unite Android JoyStick location spoofer apps come for free. I have personally tested these apps with the game and found them all working flawlessly.

Best Harry Potter Wizards Unite Android JoyStick Location Spoofer

What is location spoofing?

Location spoofing is faking your location for some other location. For example, you are sitting in country A right now, but you want Harry Potter Wizards Unite to use the map of country B, you will have to spoof your location to country B. This way, the game will read your primary location as country B and it will show you the map of country B as well. If you do not have a lot of magical characters in country A, you can switch to country B, C, or D to find them. Location spoofing apps change the coordinates of your device temporarily  to teleport to a new location.

GPS JoyStickHarry Potter Wizards Unite Android JoyStick Location Spoofer

GPS JoyStick is the best application to spoof Harry Potter Wizards Unite right now. This the application that comes with the least number of ads. This is a big plus since this is a free application. It’s a rare thing to find a JoyStick application for free and this is the very gap filled by GPS JoyStick. The UI of this application is neat. You will find several options to set your location. For example, you can use your current location, you can set the location by entering the Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude values, and you can set the route. Furthermore, you can access the map to choose a location too.

Use the method that you are comfortable with and then start the GPS JoyStick app. It will ask you to draw over other apps, which is important permission to launch the JoyStick. After that, you can start Harry Potter Wizards Unite and start playing the game. Moving the JoyStick will move your character and this is what you wanted. GPS JoyStick will remember your location. You can also add custom markets in this app. It gives you the option to import/export GPX. GPS JoyStick is my personal favorite which is why it tops this list.

Fake GPS JoyStickHarry Potter Wizards Unite Android JoyStick Location Spoofer


The Fake GPS JoyStick is a straight forward application. You cannot enter the Longitude, Latitude, and Altitude values in this app. It shows you a map only. You have to drop a market at the location you want to start with. After that, you hit the start button and it gives you a JoyStick to control any compatible application. Since this application lacks a variety of features, I’d recommend it for the users who just want to get the thing done. This is not complex at all and it works well.

NewGPS JoyStick

This application is similar to Fake GPS JoyStick. It has some features tailor-made for Pokemon Go, but you can use it to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite too. Users can select the location by pinpointing on the map or by entering the location’s name. It will show you some extra controls over its JoyStick but those are not going to work with Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Those controls are for Pokemon Go and they probably will not work on Pokemon Go now either. With that said, this is still a nice application just to teleport your character virtually.

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer

Of all the apps we have talked about, Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer is the best one, but you would want to know why it falls at the bottom of this list. Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer has two versions. Its free version offers location spoofing but doesn’t offer the JoyStick. Since the JoyStick is an important tool to virtually move your character in the Wizards Unite, the lack of this feature pushes the free version of Fake GPS Go down this list. The premium version does have the JoyStick, and if you are willing to spend those extra bucks, there is no application better than the GPS Go. It is also the top-rated GPS spoofing application. If you are only into spoofing location and you can physically move with your phone to move the character, the free version will also do the job nicely.

Note: To use any location spoofing application on Android, you have to go to Settings > Developer Options > Select mock app > select the application you want to use. Without selecting this preference, you will not be able to change the location.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Android JoyStick Location Spoofer

Final Words

That’s all with the list of best apps to spoof Harry Potter Wizards Unite location on Android with the help of a JoyStick. Before you get your hands on one of this application, you must beware of Niantic ‘s (game developer) policies. The company doesn’t allow any kind of tips and tricks around its games. If for some reason, you get caught while spoofing your location, Niantic has the right to send you a warning and block your account for 7 days. Doing it for the 2nd time will land you in trouble for 30 days. For the third time, you will permanently lose your Harry Potter Wizards Unite account. In any such case, we may not be held responsible. If you have anything to add to this list, feel free to drop it in the comments section down below. Stay connected!

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