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These WhatsApp Mod apps will give you an amazing experience as compared to stock WhatsApp. As you all know that WhatsApp is the biggest instant cross-messaging platform available for all smartphones. You can easily send messages including images, videos, GIF, documents, user location, audio clips, phone contacts and voice notes and more. Oh, I forgot to mention that you can make video calls using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Mod Apps
WhatsApp Mod Apps

If you are an Android user then you will know that there is always a modded on of Android app. Since Android is open source, but just to make thing clearer, Google Play has very austere policies for such apps. You will most of the modded version are not available on Google Play. It is said that the mod version of an app is vulnerable and any hacker can attack and steal your private data.

It is best to stick with the official WhatsApp version but not everybody thinks the same way. WhatsApp Mod apps give more than you ask for and this is the main reason people use this WhatsApp Mod. However, if you don’t want some extra perks then you can stick with the Stock WhatsApp. It allows you to do a lot, it provides you with end-to-end encryption, with the latest WhatsApp update you can send stickers etc. But still not enough, the WhatsApp Mods we are providing you, are the best ones and these forked versions of WhatsApp will give a lot more than you can ask.

Since all of these WhatsApp Mods Apps are unofficial sources, there are some risk involved. Before we move on, let me shed some light on these factors.

Risks Associated with Use of WhatsApp Mod:

Whether you like it or not, all of these forked WhatsApp versions are not safe for use, although they provide you with a number of great features. Since none of these features are available in the original WhatsApp. These apps don’t use WhatsApp servers, so there is no guarantee that your conversation is totally secure. Beside that there are more things to worry about, keep reading and you will find out what are they.

These apps are not hosted on secure servers and because of that, Malware and Spyware injection risk are at larger.
All of your Chats are not encrypted, it can be accessed by any third person.
Your personal information can easily be extracted by anyone, Banking credentials, Passwords or more.
Using apps like WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp is not illegal but you can lose your WhatsApp account. Because it Violates the WhatsApp Policies.

Best WhatsApp Mod Apps for Android:

Following are the best WhatsApp Mod Apps for Android. We have used these apps and make sure they are working perfectly. After that, we have posted them here.


GBWhatsApp is the best-modified version of WhatsApp and also it is popular. This app has some amazing features which make this one the top of the line alternate for WhatsApp. Following are the main features of GBWhatsApp and download links.

GBWhatsapp Features:

  • Hide Online Status.
  • Hide Blue Ticks, Second Tick, Writing Tick, Recording Status, Blue Microphone, View Status.
  • You can send Files up to 50MB in Size.
  • 50MB for Video and Pictures.

WhatsApp Plus:

If you’re tired of your stock WhatsApp application and its boring UI having a few options only, it may be the time to get a little out of the way and add some charm by installing WhatsApp Plus. As the name suggests, this application replaces the original WhatsApp application and has a lot of modifications and options including different color schemes, add different backgrounds to the application.

WhatsApp plus allows the users to modify the conversation and main application screen separately, that’s one of the most unique features found on any chat application ever. There are a plethora of features that you may experience upon installing this application and applying the different mods to enhance your chat experience on the world’s most widely used social chat app.

WhatsApp Plus Features:

  • Always Online Mod, Option to disable voice calling.
  • Added Much More Customization Features in this Version of Whatsapp Plus.
  • Updated to The latest mod of WhatsApp.
  • You can send any files such as PDF, TXT, Docs and much more
  • Change the theme easily with the help of applications.

Fouad WhatsApp:

If you have used GBWhatsApp then you will love Fouad WhatsApp. This works like GBWhatsApp but in terms of smooth experience, Fouad WhatsApp is far better than GBWhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp provides a lot more than GBWhatsApp, It has a beautiful material design. Moreover, Fouad WhatsApp offers more depth customization when it comes to chat lock and privacy settings. All the main features of Fouad WhatsApp are listed below.

Fouad WhatsApp Features:

  • Change tick styles and app launch icon (a lot of options)
  • Filters for Images and Videos
  • Material UI with Special Calling UI
  • Font Style Change with Font Preview
  • Send any file type
  • Install external themes from file manager (XML)

FM WhatsApp:

FM WhatsApp does the same as all the other WhatsApp MOD’s do but this one comes with awesome jaw-dropping features. The basic purpose of FM WhatsApp is to let you run two WhatsApp accounts on a single Android device. Those who are using Dual-SIM device, FM WhatsApp is the best solution to run two WhatsApp account. All the main features of FM WhatsApp are listed below.

FM WhatsApp Features:

  • Privacy and Theme modifications
  • Supports audio and video Calling with new UI
  • Hide the Last Seen option
  • Show “Online / Last Seen” on the main screen
  • Themes Store with 100+ Styles to download
  • Choose from 30+ Ticks & Bubbles styles
  • No need of loading for a media preview
  • Send video size up to 1GB (instead of 32MB)
  • Add up to 250 characters in your status field
  • Click and copy anyone’s staus
  • Change app launcher and notifications icon
  • Big emojis, Ban proof and much more!

WhatsApp PLUS Holo:

WhatsApp PLUS Holo is a custom mod for WhatsApp messenger that change the whole Whatsapp chat theme. Basically its a theme for WhatsApp named as Holo. When you install WhatsApp plus holo you will see it comes with a different look and good thing is that you can customize the way you want and it has a lot more option.


YoWhatsApp is the latest unofficial WhatsApp alternate, which provides you with unlimited awesome features. The first thing about YoWhatsApp is, No Lag issues, it’s quick and fast. YoWhatApp provides features like Hangouts UI, Contact Online/Last See status on the main screen, floating action buttons and bubble style messages.

YoWhatsApp Features:

  • Hangouts UI
  • Contact Online/Last seen Status in Main screen
  • Contact Status in Conversation screen
  • FAB (Floating action button)
  • Contact Online Toast
  • Specific Privacy (choose Privacy for Groups, Broadcasts, Contacts!)
  • Bubbles Style
  • Ticks Style
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