Fix Samsung Galaxy A5 Authentication Error When Connecting To Wi-Fi Issue

Let’s tell you how you can Fix Samsung Galaxy A5 Authentication Error When Connecting To Wi-Fi Issue. We have created a step by step troubleshooting guide.

Galaxy A5 is a mid-range premium device by Samsung. Moreover, Galaxy A5 has few flagship devices features. It comes with octa-core processor with 3GB of RAM. Build quality is premium, it has an aluminum frame along with Super AMOLED display.

Still no matter what are the specs and features. Every smartphone faces issues, Galaxy A5 is also getting Authentication Error When Connecting To Wi-Fi. Let’s get started and get it fixed.

A5 Authentication Error When Connecting To Wi-Fi
Fix Galaxy A5 Authentication Error When Connecting To Wi-Fi:

We are starting with the main issue, Samsung Galaxy A5 Authentication Error When Connecting To Wi-Fi. Once we are through with it, then we’ll provide you workarounds for more issues on Galaxy A5.

Fix A5 Authentication Error When Connecting To Wi-Fi:

Make sure you are entering the right password while connecting to a WiFi. Sometimes we are typing so fast that by mistake we add wrong word or character. Try connecting the same WiFi network to any other device. If you are getting the same error, reboot your Wi-Fi router or call your ISP provider. You also try the following workarounds.

Boot your device in Safe, heed the instructions below:

  • First, turn off your Samsung Galaxy A5.
  • Now press and hold the power key.
  • When you see Samsung Galaxy logo, release the button and then press+hold the volume down button.
  • Don’t let go until your phone finishes the rebooting process.
  • When you see Safe Mode in the lower left corner of the screen let go the volume down button.

Once you are in the Safe mode, try connecting to the same network. If you go through with the smooth transaction, that means an app was causing all this Authentication Errors. Locate the app and Uninstall it.

If you are still in no luck, you can perform the factory reset. But before moving on you need to make a backup of your Android device.

  • Turn off your device.
  • Now press and hold home+Power+Volume Up key.
  • Release the power button once you see the logo, but keep holding home and Volume up keys.
  • Now when you see Android logolet go both buttons.
  • Use the volume down button to navigate and highlight wipe data/factory reset.
  • Now use the power key to select the option.
  • You have to select ‘Yes‘ when you’ll be prompted for next menu.
  • Now wait for the process to be completed, once it’s done highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and press power button to select it.
  • All Done.

In the end, if you are still standing at the same place where you were. Please visit the nearest Samsung service center.

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Fix A5 Randomly Restarting Not Turning On:

Proceed with the instructions below.

  • Charger your device using the original Wall charger for 20 minutes.
  • If your device is still unresponsive, use your computer to charge your device. Moreover, you can change the charging cord and wall charger.
  • Press and Hold down both volume and Power button for 10 seconds.
  • Remove the SD card from your device.

If none of the solutions provided above works for you. Try booting your device into recovery mode and perform a factory reset. Hope so your device will start working after factory reset. If not, then go to the Samsung service center.

Fix A5 Randomly Turns Off:

The best solution is to boot into Safe mode. Once you are there, start using your device and see if it turns off randomly. If your device is working fine in Safe mode, it means an app was behind all this, Uninstall all the recent apps you have downloaded.

You can also perform a factory reset using recovery. But before that, you need to make a backup of your device. After trying all these workarounds you seem to have no luck. You must visit the Samsung service center.

Fix A5 Keeps Searching For Service:

Most of the time if your device Keeps Searching For Service. It’s a hardware issue, you need to visit the nearest Samsung service center to get it fixed.

This is how you can Fix Samsung Galaxy A5 Authentication Error When Connecting To Wi-Fi. Please let us know how was your experience in the comments section.

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