Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Won’t Charge – [ Troubleshooting ]


Here’s how you can Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Won’t Charge. We have found all the possible solutions to fix this charging issue.

Users are reporting that they can not charge their Samsung Galaxy S5 with anything. They have tried charging their device using PC, bought a new adapter, replaced the battery and more. The First thing I can say is if nothing worked for you, Please take your device to the nearest Samsung Service center. But if your device has no hardware issues, then heed the instructions below to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Won’t Charge problem.

Hardware issues cannot be fixed using the methods below. We can help you with software end for e.g, Maybe an app is causing all this fuss. Might be your firmware is corrupted, your charging port has dirt in it. Well, whatever it is let’s fix it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Won't Charge


Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Won’t Charge:

The solutions we are providing will also work on other Samsung devices. Samsung devices have the same ecosystem, so all these solutions probably work on other devices as well.

Galaxy S5 charges very slowly:

This can be caused by any reason, most of the time our apps are causing slowly charging issues. We’ve successfully fixed many slow charging issues using the following method.

  • First, turn off your Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Now press and hold the power key.
  • When you see Samsung Galaxy S6 logo, release the button and then press+hold the volume down button.
  • Don’t let go until your phone finishes the rebooting process.
  • When you see Safe Mode in the lower left corner of the screen let go the volume down button.

Once you are in Safe Mode, you’ll need to investigate. Try charging your device in Safe Mode, see how it was going. If still there is no luck try the following.

Maybe a culprit app or group of apps is causing the slow charging issue. Find that app and Uninstall it.

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Galaxy S5 charges slow and heats up:

If your Galaxy S5 is charging slow and heats up. It can be caused by your micro SDcard. We have seen this issue on many Samsung devices before. Moreover, removing the SD card did help many users.

Once your SDcard is either corrupted or damaged, it cannot be readable. But since it is mounted on the device, your device will try to read it again and again. Until the service that handles this function ends up using too much of resources. This is the reason your device starts to heat up. The best thing you can do is remove your SD card. Moreover, you can buy a new SD card and mount it again.

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Galaxy S5 won’t charge at all:

Before moving on to the solution. Let’s hope there is no hardware issue. Now if your device is not charging at all. You need to remove the battery and Press + Hold power key for one minute. Now put your battery back and try to charge your device.

If your phone is charging then no need to go further, if not then go on.

  • Try a new charger and USB cable.
  • Use another battery. Maybe your battery is done.
  • Charge your device using your Laptop or PC.

Hope to see that after trying the methods given above you have Fixed your Samsung Galaxy S5 Won’t Charge Issue.

Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t charge in the car:

The best solution you can get is to buy a certified Car Kit to charge your device. Also, make you are using the best quality USB cable to charge your device in the car. Moreover, I would suggest you should use Wireless chargers in your Car.

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Galaxy S5 won’t charge after being submerged in water:

What can you expect, Samsung Galaxy S5 is “water-resistant,” not “waterproof.” I would not suggest anything. You should take your device to the Samsung Service center. Get it checked by the professional.

This all issues are related to Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t charge. Let’s know how was your experience in the comment section.

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