[ Whatscan ]Spy and Check another person’s WhatsApp

Here you will the latest version of Whatscan, the best tool to Spy and Check another person’s WhatsApp. May you haven’t heard about Whatscan that is why we have made this post. Basically, Whatscan is just like all the WhatsApp Mods, it can let you use two accounts on a single device. However, when you go in-depth you will get to know that it can do a lot more than that.

Whatscan allows you to easily check another person’s WhatsApp account. Shocking right? Well, it can and we have tested it. You easily check the messages of another WhatsApp account. In short words, you can spy on other WhatsApp account using WS. It is an extra feature if you think that it is illegal then you won’t have to use it. You can go with the basic purpose, use multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device.


Whatscan: how it works?

Whatscan allows you to use the WhatsApp Web version on your device. Once installed, you will see that configuration is very easy, it is same as you do on your browser.

WhatsApp Web will run in the Wscan nutshell, you won’t be redirected to your browser. Basically, you can use your own account of some other users account on your mobile device using Wscan. All you have to is get his/her mobile phone and open the app, scan the QR code and you are good to go. Either you can use your account or someone else’s.

There is no hacking involved or anything it is a simple trick that can be performed with ease. Everything works same as you do on the WhatsApp Web, the only difference will be that you are using WhatsApp Web on your smartphone.

Spy WhatsApp Account:

If you want to mess with someone, all you need is his/her smartphone, Open Whatscan, Scan the QR Code and give his/her smartphone back. Now you have access to someones else account, you can check everything.

Download Whatscan:

You can download the Whatscan App form the links below. This app is available for both platform iOS and Android. Since it is removed from Google Play so you need to download it from an unknown source. iOS users are in luck, this app is still available on App Store. Use the following links to download WS for your respected devices.

Protect yourself from Whatscan:

It is very easily to protect yourself form Whatscan, all you have to do is head over to the Settings -> Tap on and select WhatsApp Web. If your account is logged on a PC, you will see a notification there, below the notification you will see ” Log out from all devices ” Tap on it.

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