Transform Your Galaxy Note 4 into a Nexus 6

Now the thing is that we all want to have a lot of speed in our Mobile devices, but again we want to have all the Gimmicks in it too, which is not possible if we try to bring all the Pure Android things on it. Obviously if we install the CyanogenMod based ROMs on our device, they are most likely to erase all the gimmicks from our device and brings all the Stock looks on it. Simply said, you’ll have speed and performance but you are sure to loose all the attention that a Stock OS can do. Now in case of Galaxy Note 4, if we erase all the Stocks Features, that won’t be much fun at all.

The best way to bring speed and keep a hold onto everything that your device can provide, is to install 3rd party Launchers and Two of the best are Apex and Nova launchers. Since these launchers support themes and their kit sets, including Icon and others stuff, there won’t be much need to customize it, all you need is to download the theme and apply it. Apex and Nova both are supporting Lollipop and the new update has brought the Materialized interface and the best part is that let you use the Stock Features of Galaxy Note 4 and the Google Now Launcher.

Transform Your Galaxy Note 4 into a Nexus 6

However, to Install the Google Now, you must first need to install Nova or Apex launcher first. They both features a Paid version too, allowing you to have more features and stuff in it, so if you like it, do purchase it. So, without further ado, let us see, how we can bring Note 4 closer to Nexus 6 in terms of internal looks and performance.

Downloads Required:

Lollipop Kit: Link

Apex Launcher: Link

Transform Galaxy Note 4 into Nexus 6:

  1. Download and Install the Apex Launcher.
  2. Navigate to Theme section or the Play Store and Install the Lollipop Theme for Apex Launcher.
  3. The New update has bring this launcher to Lollipop on Default.
  4. Now Just Tap the Home Key and Select the Apex Launcher and everything will turn Pure Android.
  5. Long Press the Home Key will bring out the Google Now Launcher
  6. Now Just visit the Play Store and install more of the Google Apps and disable the Stock apps of your device.
  7. Enjoy the Sweetness of Pure Android, Performance and speed.
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