Download Galaxy S8 G950FXXU4CRI5 Android Oreo Update [AR Emoji & Super Slow-Mo]

Galaxy S8 owners can now download Galaxy S8 G950FXXU4CRI5 Android Oreo Update with AR Emoji and Super Slow-Mo features.


Samsung released an update for the Galaxy S8 yesterday. The update brings some exciting changes for the Galaxy S8 owners. The phone gets AR Emoji and Super Slow Mo features in this update. Galaxy S8 owners can flash this update to get these features right now. The firmware first made its way to Germany. Samsung has not rolled out this firmware for any other region yet. There are likely chances that you will not be able to see an OTA update carrying these changes right now. Since the updates are rolled out region-wise, it can take a while to reach all the regions. Galaxy S8 owners who are eager to update their phone to the new Android Oreo update, can download the firmware from here and flash it manually. The new update’s PDA is G950FXXU4CRI5. Galaxy S8 owners can now download Galaxy S8 G950FXXU4CRI5 Android Oreo Update with AR Emoji and Super Slow-Mo features.

Miraculous Update for Galaxy S8 owners

Samsung Galaxy S8 was updated to Android Oreo earlier this year. The Android Oreo update brought a few UI changes and introduced some new features as well. So far, there wasn’t any big feature added in the Android Oreo for the update. Samsung is among the manufacturers who are not really good when it comes to software updates, and also when it comes to adding new features to an existing phone. The Super Slow-Mo and AR Emoji support for the Galaxy S8 are not less than a miracle.

So far, the AR Emoji and Super Slow-Mo features were available for Galaxy S9, S9 Plus and Note 9 only. A few days back, Samsung released an update packing same features for the Galaxy Note 8. Now, these features have found their space in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

The OTA update is of about 550 MBs. However, as mentioned above, it has made its way to Germany only for now. If you are living outside Germany and you want to get these features without waiting for OTA from Samsung, you can flash the German firmware on your phone. The region of your phone doesn’t matter as long as you have the right model number. For example, the firmware that we have got our hands on can be flashed on any Samsung Galaxy that has the model number G950F or G950FD.

Download Galaxy S8 G950FXXU4CRI5 Android Oreo

Proceed to the download link now and also learn how to install this update right now.

Galaxy S8 G950FXXU4CRI5 Android OreoDownload

This update can be flashed easily using Odin. For Android Oreo, it is always suggested to use the Odin 3.13.1. You can follow this guide on our site to flash Galaxy S8 update to get AR Emoji and Super Slow-Mo. The guide contains everything you need in order to update your Galaxy S8 manually.

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