Top New Car Racing Games for Android [ 2019 ]


We all love cars, mostly us boys do. Everyone makes sure that their cars in the best shape, we also love race and sometimes harsh driving. Since everybody cannot do such things, they test their skill while playing car racing games on Android devices. I am among the millions of car racing lovers, that is why Today, I have made this post.

Those who love play racing games on their smartphones, this post is for them. In this post, you will find the best car racing games that you can play on your Andorid devices. So without any further ado, let’s jump right in.

Car Racing Games for Android

Best Car Racing Games for Android:

Asphalt 8: Airborne:

Asphalt 8: Airborne, as the name suggests packs up the new Dynamic Aerial stunts. The game consists of new cars, new tracks in addition to these Gameloft also added the Music Track change feature to the game.

Car Racing Games for Android

The graphics are much improved from the previous additions of the Asphalt series. The game consists of 47 cars, out of which, 80% are new according to Gameloft. The new stunts like barrel rolls, wild 360-degree jumps, and the new locations are just awesome.

This game also sports new features in the career mode, simultaneous multiplayer and ghost challenge mode is also there, while the car damage system looks even more realistic.

Asphalt Xtreme:

Asphalt Xtreme takes the racing games to a whole new level. There are no hurdles, no roads and no rules to follow. Drive the way you want to, drift the way you have always dreamed off and made the opponents bite the dust. Asphalt Xtreme brings stunning HD graphics which are a huge improvement over the graphics of Asphalt 8.

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The gameplay is awesome from the looks of the trailer. The game has been making rounds in the news for quite some time and finally, the time has come that this game will be here in a few days.

Asphalt Xtreme will let you drive the Monster Trucks. Pick up the car of your choice, you can drive a Muscle Car, a Pickup, an SUV, a Rally Car. Any vehicle that comes on your mind, you name it and Asphalt Xtreme probably has it.

Offroad vehicles are there to fulfill your offroading lust. Almost all the major car manufacturers have their cars in this new racing game by Gameloft. The real-time multiplayer mode is there in which 8 players can play the game at once.

You can also perform various customization and upgrade your gear. 400+ career events will not let you get tired and get your hands off from the screen of your phone.

Real Racing 3:

Real Racing 3 by EA games is by far the best Racing game available on Android. The game provides a quite realistic experience, graphics are that good to make you addictive. Plenty of cars to choose from, lots of tracks and lots of events to join in.

You can go online on the Multiplayer mode and compete with your friends, opponents from other regions and a lot more is there to enjoy.

The awesome thing is, this game is available for free, all you need is an Android device that supports the game and has enough memory to download the 1 GB data of the game and you can spend hours of gameplay without getting tired.

Hill Climb Racing 2:

Hill Climb Racing has a successor in town. Fingersoft, the developers of Hill Climb Racing have released the sequel of their popular racing game. The sequel is named as Hill Climb Racing 2. The game takes the legacy of Hill Climb Racing a step ahead.

The new Hill Climb Racing 2 has the same game-play, it adds a number of new features, packed up in new graphics and brings tons of exciting levels. Hill Climb Racing 2 offers stunning graphics making the game much more beautiful than it ever was. New locations are there for you to have a long-drive while you collect coins and perform stunts.

Beach Buggy Racing:

Beach Buggy Racing is a fun racing game, you will be driving carts on the beach, desert, and in Jungles. You will get a chance to drive, lunar rovers, and monster trucks. Moreover, the unique thing about Beach Buggy Racing is the power-ups, you won’t be able to find such powers in any other game. Power-ups like teleportation and flame-throwers.

This game is totally free but they offer in-app purchases to upgrade your cars and power-ups.

NFS Most Wanted:

NFS stands top on the list whenever racing games names pop-ups. This game has been here like forever, Millions of users play this game still. Since Android gaming industry took off, NFS games developer released a game for Andorid users called ” NFS Most Wanted “.

Car Racing Games for Android

If you are thinking Why NFS most Wanted is famous, Well, Hmm, let see. Because it has a story mode. That’s why. Would you want more? The graphics of the NFS Most Wanted are amazing and there are some pretty insane cars in their garage.

That’s all for today. Enjoy the best Car Racing Games for Android. 🙂

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